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BIM Final Project Team 6 (Part 2)

No description

Rachel Vranizan

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of BIM Final Project Team 6 (Part 2)

Owner Architect Meet to define
building Sketch options BIG ROOM Define building, goals,
stakeholder roles Attendees: Owner
Project Manager
BIM Manager
MEP Engineers
General Contractor
Facility Manager
Sustainability Consultant
Agency Representative Set up central
model Create preliminary
design Structural Run structural
analysis Design OK? Back to the
drawing board... Design Phase Agency
Representative Sustainability
Consultant Facility Manager General
Contractor MEP Engineers Structural Architect Owner Central
Model Project Manager
BIM Manager Fabricators Subcontractors Begin
Design Central
Model General
BIM Manager Project Manager Fabricators Subcontractors Construction Phase Commissioning Runs interference checks
Maintains central model Schedule regular big room meetings
Facilitate communication between stakeholders Checks design for ease of maintenance and operation Operations Phase Agency Representative
Owner Building
Complete! Central
Model Facility Manager Owner Model transferred to
Facility Manager Sends RFIs to the
appropriate stakeholders Finalized BIM transferred to
General Contractor Iterative process with input from all stakeholders Checks design for constructability
Develop 4D model for construction phase Pre-design Phase Takes over as central leader in construction phase
Coordinates all construction work with 4D BIM
Communicates with all construction stakeholders and PM/BIM Mgr. Assists with updates of model during constrution process
Works with PM and GC to communicate changes to design-phase stakeholders Coordinates communication between GC and design stakeholders about possible changes
Continues to maintain budget and schedule of overall project Create parts needed for building based on BIM specifications
Contribute design specs and shop drawings to BIM Perform installation and general construction work on the project
Utilize BIM for guidance with quantity and materials take-offs
Contribute necessary adjustments through communication with GC Takes over control of BIM and assumes responsibility for the building's technical aspects
Coordinates the maintenance/repairs with business and operations of the facility Uses the building as originally intended Checks model to ensure the design continues to meet the requirements
Attends Big Room meetings to check progress Works to complete design of building's architectural elements
Collaborates with other stakeholders to meet their concerns
Details architectural elements
Brings renderings and other concerns to Big Room meetings to report project status Complete design of structural system
Runs strutural analyses to ensure seismic durability
Details BIM with structural data Processes through the BIM to ID any areas of concern and to provide suggestions
Attends regular Big Room meetings to represent the agency's desires and get a sence of the project status Works to develop the building's environmental footprint models for owner
Provides suggestions to other stakeholders on how to improve sustainability through their roles
Brings projected environmental impact data to regular Big Room meetings to comment on project status Complete design of building's MEP elements
Ensure no interference with other elements, keeping in mind constructability
Details the flow processes of air, water, electricity, waste, etc. in the BIM Utilize BIM for guidance with quantity and materials take-offs
Contribute necessary adjustments through communication with GC
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