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Sebastian Linde

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of AIESEC UK

Our Strategy and Vision Session Objectives 1. Understand what the Vision and Strategy
of AIESEC is.

2. Understand the Strategies Adopted in the UK
in 2009-2010.

3. Understand what we still need to do. Questions 1. AIESEC Way.
What does it mean to say that we are non political?
What does it mean to say Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.
-Francis Bacon
Lets Therefore Question AIESEC Why Does AIESEC Exist? Context: 1948

What are the basic Problems:
Cultural separation
People don’t understand each other
Economical inequality and injustice
Lack of basic human rights

What do we in AIESEC envision?
“Peace and fulfillment of Human kinds potential.”
What is AIESEC? - What is AIESEC?
- What We Envision?
- Our Impact?
- Way We Do It?
AIESEC Way Answers the following Questions: What Does AIESEC Actually Do? Leadership Through Exchange Lets now look at the structure for what we do... How Do we Foster Change Agents? The AIESEC Experience The AIESEC Experience Principles 1. Take Responsibility for your Learning & the Learning of Others

2. Build a Network of Contacts

3. Challenge your World View

4. Build Theoretical and Practical Skills

5. Self Reflection and Meta-Cognition … AIESEC is about having an indirect impact on the world by preparing leaders to have a direct positive impact upon society.
Part 1: Understanding AIESEC Part 2: Current State National Goals ICX OGX Membership Part 3: Planning for Action
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