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Winter Dreams

No description

Mariel Cornel

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams
by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Presented by Mariel Cornel

passions and women
Wanting someone you can't have
"Love is blind"
Expectations vs. Reality
Love = money
Winter Dreams
The dark side of the "American Dream"
How it relates: Reality vs. Expectations
Like Dexter and Judy, we have tendencies to fantasize and get a little ahead of ourselves, causing us to set expectations that reality usually fails to meet.
Discussion Question
1.) Much like the narrator from "Blue Water Djinn", Dexter creates mental obstacles, such as his inability to identify himself as an individual and the expectations he has that set him up for disappointment. These make it difficult for him to be happy. Why do you think he does this?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
From St. Paul, Minnesota
Attended Princeton University but left for officer training at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Married Zelda Sayle
suffered from alcoholism, Zelda's insanity, and financial difficulties
now spends his life writing scripts in Hollywood to support himself
Historical Context
Set during the "Roaring 20's"
One of the most memorable writings of Fitzgerald was "The Great Gatsby"
which was also written in this time period
"Pleasure for pleasure's sake"
the motto of the decade
The Pursuit of Pleasure
Main Characters
Dexter Green
The main character whose father owned the second best grocery-store in Black Bear
best caddy in the Sherry Island Golf Club
"Willing! Intelligent! Quiet! Honest! grateful!" (pg. 199)
internally struggles because he can't identify himself as an individual, which becomes more difficult once he involves himself with Judy, who also has trouble with understanding herself
Judy Jones
Dexter's on again, off again love interest and daughter of Mortimer Jones
gold digger
manipulates men
was confident in her looks and used that to her advantage
got bored easily
is dependent on men to give her life meaning
because of her vanity, she became ignorant of the harshness of reality
Other Characters
Irene Scheerer
Dexter's fiance
Mr. Jones
wealthy member of the Sherry Island Golf Club
Mr. Sandwood
golfs with Dexter, and is also captivated by Judy
Mr. Hedrick
is hit in the stomach by a golf ball from Judy
Mr. Hart
gives Dexter a weekend pass to the golf club
buisness man who visits Dexter and informs him about Judy
In the short story "Winter Dreams" by F. Scott Fitzgerald the main character, Dexter Green and his love interest, Judy Jones, are on the pursuit of pleasure but end up losing themselves in it, allowing their expectations to collide with reality.
But what do they have in common?
The movie '500 Days of Summer' illustrates this point well. It parallels "Winter Dreams", giving a different perspective, by putting the audience into the shoes of the main characters.
The book exemplifies this when Dexter attempts to chase after unrealistic goals, such as having Judy Jones to himself. Not only that, but he is blinded by the idea of Judy, instead of loving who she really is and therefore, he could not comprehend the truth; which is her reliance on money through men.
"Just Over 14"
We meet Dexter Green as a golf caddy at the Sherry Island Golf Club.
He quits because he wants to go after his winter dreams instead, saying that he's too old and encounters the beauty and grace of Judy Jones, whose father deemed him as the "best golf caddy in the club".
At 23
Dexter is now out of college.
He borrows $1000 on his degree to buy a partnership in a laundry.
Before 27, he owned the largest string of laundries in his section of the country but moved to New York when it sold out
At 32
Dexter is in New York where he meets Devlin from Detroit.
He tells him that Judy, now 27, is in a bad marriage with Lud Simms. He runs around and drinks with other women but she won't leave him.
She even lost her legendary good looks and the story ends with Dexter feeling as if he lost the world.
Mr. Hart gives Dexter a weekend pass to the golf club where he meets Judy Jones again.
They go on a date and their relationship is established.
At 25
Dexter is now engaged to Irene Scheerer but he still missed Judy
In May, Irene gets sick one night and Dexter reunites with Judy once again. She seduces him once more and he ends up cheating on Irene.
Their on again relationship ended after a month.
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