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class 1

Chen Li

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of TOEFL INTRO

test format To Begin Give me MORE !! Problems !!! TOEFL LISTENING Score Reading Listening Speaking Writing 60-100 min
3-5 passage 60-90 min 20 min
6 tasks 10 min BREAK................................................... 50 min
1 integrated task
1 independent task Reading
30 Listening
30 Speaking
30 Writing
30 30 X 4 = 120 70-80 Rank 100 81-90 Rank 75 91-100 Rank 50 100-120 Rank 25 4-6 lectures 2-3 conversations Questions: 6 each Questions: 5 each The Wolof are the major
ethnic group in Senegal. Dutch clogs professor student bar!!! What U Will See conversation
in an Academic Setting That's right! professor Both speak Nearly all the talk! Academic
lecture 4–6 lectures, 5-6 minutes long each, 500–800 words 2–3 conversations, 3-4 minutes long each, 12–25 exchanges 6Q/Lecture 5Q/Conversation Total: 34-51 Questions University What? Take Notes Answer Questions Listen iBT
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