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Science fair project

No description

Michael Pippins

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of Science fair project

My Science Project Michael Pippins #14 Miss Zucconi Holy Trinity School Mixing with Glowing water Acknowledgments mom and dad for buying my materials and helping me with my experiment Statement of Problem Abstract My hypothesis for my science fair is that the glowing water (made out of highlighters and water) would glow diffrently if mixed with something is mixed with something else. First, you mix the water with salt, sugar, rice vinegar and olive oil. Then, after mixing the ingredients, shine the water near a back light. I found out that my hyothesis FAILED by all of them looking the same . Introduction The Reason I chose this is because I thought
you can do this instead of waisting many lights
for electricity. But if my experiment had worked,
it could have been more safe for the panet. If you mix glowing water with other
things, what would you get? Would you
get something diffrent or nothing? Variables Controlled Variable- the water and the highlighters Independent variable- the other ingredients put in the water Dependant Variable- the outcome of the glowing water Hypothesis If i add and mix ingredients to the water, the water
would glow diffrently Materials a black light
5 water bottle( or clear glasses)
5 highlighters
rice vinegar
olive oil
dark room Procedures find dark room
put light bulb in lamp
break highlighters and put sponge in water bottle
mix salt, sugar, vinegar, and oive oil
turn on light
shine near light and record results Findings GLOW-100% no change
COLOR-100% no change
UNIQUENESS-75% none 25% oil on top
conclusion My hypothesis failed and even
adding these ingredients wont
work at all Recommendations I could make this experiment better by mixing colored powder instead
of liquids. I would NOT do it again because it only takes one night. I could extend it by using the colored powder and mix it to see how many colors i can make out of simple colors.
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