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Yangon Door2Door

Introducing Yangon Door2Door, The first online food delivery ordering serivice in Yangon

Yangon Door2Door

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Yangon Door2Door

Who are the delivery carriers?
What is
Yangon Door2Door?
The YangonD2D.com website hosts menus from a broad range of Yangon restaurants

Customers may view menus and place orders for delivery to home or office via the website
We are the premier online food ordering and delivery service in Yangon

Yangon Door2Door relays the orders to the appropriate restaurant, picks up the completed order from the restaurant, and delivers the items to the customer
Yangon Door2Door removes the hassle, time and cost of delivery from individual restaurants
We operate

days a week
How do we deliver?
We use heat insulated bags with thermal hot/cold packs, ensuring that food is delivered warm or chilled, as needed
Delivery will be predominantly through bicycles, ensuring a greener, faster and more efficient delivery service
Delivery may be by car on an as-needed basis for larger orders or specialty items
Uniformed and badged Yangon Door2Door carriers must pass a two week training program, meaning you can expect the highest level of service and professionalism from our team
All of our carriers must pass a pre-employment medical check and regular health checks for hygienic handling of food products
Local Demand
Market research has shown high demand for the Yangon Door2Door service among both expatriate residents and Myanmar citizens. The service has generated a large response on social media in anticipation of the Yangon Door2Door opening
Our Clients
Our client restaurants cover a number of popular local restaurants, including:
The Coriander Leaf
Our Values
We provide opportunities for smaller restaurants and social businesses to partner with us by waiving listing fees
Examples of partner social businesses include Sai’s Tacos and Yangon Bakehouse
We treat our employees fairly and respectfully, providing competitive market salaries, eight hour shifts and breaks
For further information
please contact us at:
09 448 026 509
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