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Using Copyright Correctly

Kat Montei

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Copyright

Creative Commons
Students' Data
Due to CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act), parents must give specific permission for their child to:

have work published to WWW
appear in photo or video on WWW
appear in video on cable
appear in photo in district or school newsletter

Make sure to use the list of students to verify student permissions!
Following copyright laws and fair use guidelines in our use of materials models how our students can use materials appropriately.

Claiming ignorance of the law does not exempt us from the consequences.

If you’re unsure whether using items in or for your classroom violates the law, PLEASE consult your friendly neighborhood media specialist.

Refers only to online information created by individuals or organizations.
Everyone should credit sources! Even elementary students can do simple modified citations, such as recording the URL or the title and author of a work they use.

MLA is the preferred style for secondary students.

LOCS encourages the use of KnightCite citation generator.

Music is copyrighted unless otherwise noted. Music you CAN use:
Original works – both in composition as well as in performance
Music published prior to 1923 are in the public domain
Music from sites that are meant to be shared
10% of copyrighted works can be used for educational purposes.
Must "Add Value" and "Repurpose"

Use photographs from cc websites
If using "copyrighted material", then Fair Use for education applies
Use no more than one photo by any given photographer
No more than 10% from a collection
Must "Add Value" and "Repurpose"
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