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Percy Jackson Characters

No description

Emma Jackson

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson Characters

Percy Jackson Characters
Main Protagonists/ Family
Other Important Characters
Other important Things
Percy Jackson
Grover Underwood
Grover Underwood is Percy's best friend, and lord of the wild. Grover is a satyr meaning he is half man, half goat. Don't call him or any other satyrs/fauns (Roman satyrs) a sheep or donkey. Grover becomes the nature king when Pan (the god of the wild) dies in front of him, Percy and Annabeth in the Labyrinth. Grover was discovered to be a satyr in the first book, 3rd chapter Grover Loses His Pants when Percy, Sally, and he get attacked by the Minotaur. He was one of the first people Percy saw when he woke up after being knocked unconscious. Grover's favorite food is enchiladas and tin cans. He is a nervous eater. He knew about Percy being a demigod before Percy.
Grover's life long goal was to find Pan, but he first need to earn his searcher's license. Grover had found Annabeth, Thalia, and Luke when they were younger and running away from home to find where they belonged (Camp Half-Blood). Grover failed to completely getting all three over the border. Percy was his second chance, and yet again he failed to get Percy over the border (Percy needed to drag him over the border, but passed out before he made it). Grover respects all gods, he fears Dionysus, and looks up to Chiron who is the camp's activities director.
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase is the daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom, war, and battle strategy. She owns a Yankees baseball cap given to her by her mother, that can turn her invisible. Annabeth has lived at Camp Half Blood since she was 7 when she ran away from her home. She had a crush on Luke Castellan, but ends up with Percy who she calls "Seaweed Brain" because of how Percy's father is. Annabeth's weapon is a dagger given to her by Luke. She is a wonderful fighter, and a fantastic architect who got to redesign Olympus after the second titan war. She starts dating Percy after the second Titan War, and when he gets taken away and gets his memories swiped, one thing stays in his head. Annabeth. Annabeth's dream is to become an architect, and she owns the computer of Daedalus' laptop after he dies.
Annabeth's mortal family includes her father Fredrick Chase who met Athena while studying history at Harvord. Fredrick married a mortal when Annabeth was 5. She now has 2 half brothers named Matthew and Bobby Chase.
When Annabeth ran away from home, it was because of her mother. One night Annabeth woke up with spiders, her biggest fear, surrounding her. Her step-mother came in but the spiders had gone away, but her step-mom scolded her for screaming and possibly waking her step-brothers. The next night, the spiders came again, and again, her step-mother scolded her. By the third night, Annabeth ran away.
Luke Castellen
Luke Castellan is the son of May Castellan and Hermes the god of travelers, messangers, and thieves. Luke is from Connecticut, but ran away when he was about 9 years old. He is the main antagonist for the first series. Luke hates the gods and wishes to tear down Olympus stone by stone because he was sent on a quest by his father, but failed and thinks they don't care about their children. He turns evil in the first book, thus the line "You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend". Luke is a skilled swordsman. His sword Backbiter was the sword Kronos used to chop up his father, and was tricked by Kronos into hosting his spirit. Luke died a hero, requesting that Percy made sure no more demigods were kept waiting to see who their godly parent is.
Luke swam in the River Styx, gaining invincibility, having to go to his mother and seek her blessing.
Luke traveled with Annabeth and Thalia when he ran away from home, eventually found by Grover and brought safely (sort of) to Camp Half Blood. Luke ran away from home because of his mother. His mother is kind of like an oracle, occasionally her eyes turn green and she mutters things like the spirit of Delpi does. Luke got scared, so he ran away from home, running into Thalia, then later on Annabeth when he is 14, Thalia 12, Annabeth 7.
Luke was the leader of Kronos' army, trying to get half bloods to turn against the gods, and try to rise Kronos himself up from Tarturus, the deepest, darkest place of the Underworld, where Kronos' remaining parts lay. Luke does succeed in rising Kronos, however he wants Percy to join the "dark side" because of the Great Prophecy. Percy stays good, and Luke dies in The Last Olympian after stabbing himself with a knife in his "Achilles' Heel" located near the under arm, to eject Kronos from his body.
Luke died a hero, hopefully being able to go to Elysium. Before he died, he asked Annabeth if she loved him, and she replied that she loved him like a brother.
Thalia Grace
Nico di Angelo
Nico di Angelo is the son of Maria di Angelo and Hades, lord of the Underworld. Nico is also the younger brother of Bianca di Angelo who became a hunter of Artemis in the third book. Bianca died in the land without rain (junkyard of the gods) after she stole a hair clip that could turn into a shield. Nico blamed Percy for her death, and must be told by ghost Bianca that it wasn't Percy's fault she died. Nico is able to summon skeleton warriors, and sense death, or tell if one is dead. Nico's last name di Angelo meaning of the angel, is part of the prophecy of the mark of Athena. The line twin snuff out the angel's breath, is about twin giants trying to kill Nico, and luring the 7 (long story) to Rome to save him.
Nico was born before World War 2, as was Hazel, meaning that Hades was the one brother who kept his promise about not having anymore kids after the war. Maybe it was because, how many people are into the god of the Underworld? Nico and Bianca were taken to the Lotus Casino thanks to Alecto who works for Hades. The Lotus Casino is made to let people stay forever. People come in and often never come out. Nico and Bianca stay in the Lotus for 70 years!!! By the time they come out, the whole world is changed. They are enrolled in a military school, until they are rescued by Percy, Thalia, Annabeth, and Grover. Nico knows where the doors of death are, and he has been to Tarturas.
King of the Titans, the Lord of Time
Kronos is the son of Gaea and Ouranos. He chopped up his father, and threw him into the sea. Some say this is how Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty) was born. Kronos is the main antagonist of the first series other than Luke, though he possessed Luke at one point, making Luke kill himself. Kronos was chopped up by Zeus by his own sword. Kronos ate most of his godly children (Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, Hades, and Demeter) but got tricked into eating a rock instead of a kid. Idiot. Zeus did overthrow Kronos, later becoming king of the gods, and ruled the heavens with his wife and sister Hera. Kronos goes back to Tarturas, and then Gaea comes and tries to kill the demigods. So far, she has faild. Kronos' eyes are gold. He is pure evil, and can sneak into your dreams and give you nightmares.
Chiron is the son of Kronos. He is currently the activities director at Camp Half-Blood. He trained many heros, later offered immortality, and he took it so he could train more demigods. Chiron works with Dionysus the god of wine. Chiron went undercover to make sure Percy safely made it through the 6th grade, to Percy, he was Mr. Brunner the Latin teacher. Mr. Brunner had tournament days in class, and used Riptide as his sword. Chiron is always there for all the demigods. He is wise and true. He is loyal, and he is a fantastic frend.
The Prophecies
Prophecies lead demigods on the dangerous quests they go on. Most prophecies don't make sense at first, but rather become understandable as the story goes on.
Between the two camps (Camp Half-Blood greek, Camp Jupiter roman), there are 4 total oracles that tell prophecies. The spirit of Delphi (mummy like skeleton), Rachel Elizabeth Dare (mortal), Octavian (roman augur), and Ella (harpy) (monster).
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By Emma Jackson
When the story first starts, Percy is a 12 year old boy attending Yancy Academy along with his best friend Grover Underwood and current main enemies Ms. Dodds (pre-algebra teacher) and Nancy Bobofit who aggravates Percy enough to make him attack her with water. From the begining, Percy is used as a pawn by the gods. Percy is a child of one of the "Big Three" (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) so he is part of the Great Prophecy. When he reaches age 16, he must make a choice. To bring the downfall of Olympus or save it. (He saves it.) However, Luke wants Percy to bring the downfall so throughout the series, Luke tries to get Percy to join him on the dark side. When Percy comes home in the first book, Sally (his mom) takes him to the beach at Montauk where Sally met Percy's father, Poseidon the Greek god of the sea. Percy goes on all of the quests throughout the books, although he isn't always chosen in the beginning.
Percy has a romance with Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena, and turns down immortality for her. Their ship name given by the fandom is called Percabeth.
This is Percy Jackson
Percy's sword, that can turn into a ballpoint pen, is named Anaklusmos which is Ancient Greek for Riptide. It is 3 feet long and celestial bronze meaning it can only swipe throgh mortals, but hurt/ kill demigods. Zoë Nightshade, daughter of Atlas, and former lieutenant of Artemis (until she died) made the sword.
The sword was thrown at Percy by his Latin teacher Mr. Brunner, aka Chiron (later) to the demigods and gods. When Percy first got a hold of Riptide, he was fighting Ms. Dodds who turned out to be Alecto. One of the monsters who work for Hades god of the Underworld. However, after Ms. Dodds was sliced into a small golden pile of dust, Riptide turned back into a pen, taken back from Percy. Later when Percy comes to Camp Half-Blood, the sword is returned to him.
Sally Jackson
Sally Jackson is the daughter of Laura and Jim Jackson, and mother of Percy. She was married to Gabe Ugliano, step dad of Percy thinking Gabe's stench would hide Percy's demigod scent. This is why Percy calls Gabe "Smelly Gabe" in his head. Sally was an orphan at age 5 when her parents died in a car crash. She was raised by her uncle who fell ill when Sally was a senior in high school, never earning her degree. Sally always wanted to become a writer, so when Percy was 14, she started to go to collage with help from the money of The Poker Player, and a tutor, Paul Blofis who she ends up marrying.
Sally met Poseidon on the beach of Montauk twelve years before the books take place.
Sally turned Gabe into a statue thanks to Medusa's head selling it and calling it "The Poker Player". Sally can see through the mist, and knew about Percy being a demigod. Sally told Percy that his dad (Poseidon) got lost at sea.
Sally used to work at a candy store and made it her personal mission to bring home a lot of blue food because of a bet she made with Gabe.
Poseidon God of The Sea
Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea. He is the son of the titans Kronos and Rhea. During the first Titan war, he fought on the gods side and was gifted with a trident from the cyclops. When Poseidon met Sally one summer (12 years before the books) he fell in love with her and spent the summer with her. However, Poseidon had to hide Sally and his' relationship from Zeus his younger brother. When Zeus found out, he was outraged. After all, the three brothers (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) had taken an oath after World War 2 to not have anymore children with mortals. All three brothers broke that oath.

Tyson is the son of Poseidon and half-brother of Percy
Tyson is a cyclops, a monster to all demigods. However,
when you first meet him, he is a baby compared to the other 8-12 foot tall cyclops. Tyson makes his first appearance in The Sea of Monsters as Percy's friend. He tries to enter Camp Half-Blood when Percy is being attacked by a bronze bull. Annabeth had to give him permission "I Annabeth Chase give you permission to enter camp!". Tyson is immune to fire like all cyclops so he isn't hurt when he got blasted by fire. Tyson is a loyal friend, and cares about Percy a lot. He always sees the best out of people, but isn't afraid to push someone off a cliff.
Annabeth's Yankees Cap
Annabeth's cap was given to her by her mother Athena. However, in The Mark of Athena, Annabeth is chosen to follow the mark, but her Yankees cap loses it's power. The cap is able to turn the wearer of the cap invisible. This is demonstrated throughout the series. In the second book The Sea of Monsters, Percy plays a game of dodge ball with Laistrygonian giants that can grow 10-20ish feet.

In the third book The Titan's Curse, Annabeth falls off a cliff, leaving her Yankees cap in the snow. Throughout the book, Percy uses the cap to sneak follow the hunters and campers going on the quest that he isn't aloud to join.

Throughout the books, Annabeth uses the cap a lot to attack monsters from behind.
Hermes The God of Travelers, Messengers, and Thieves
Hermes is the son of Zeus, and nymph Maia. He stole Apollo's cattle when he was a baby after he had escaped his basket when his mother wasn't looking.
Hermes always believed that Luke could return back to being the good kid everybody knew.
When Luke died, Hermes blessed him and then Luke got carried off by the Fates.

Hermes carries a caduceus with two snakes named George and Martha. George and Martha are the snakes who are the helpers of Hermes always happy for a rat or two.

During Percy's second quest, he meets Hermes jogging on the beach at night. Hermes gives Percy 3 yellow duffel bags. containing the winds of the 4 corners of the world, vitamins that make you stay your form no matter what, and extra clothes. Hermes also asks Percy to see if he can talk Luke into staying good, but instead, Luke and Percy try to kill each other.
Grover will do anything to survive, even if it means dressing up as a lady cyclops.
Annabeth's Yankees Cap
Annabeth's cap has the power to turn the wearer invisible. Annabeth gets this cap from her mom as a gift. When Annabeth is chosen to follow the Mark of Athena, the cap loses it's ability.
In the third book The Titan's Curse, Annabeth falls off a cliff, leaving the cap behind. Percy takes the cap for safe keeping, and uses it to follow the hunters and half-bloods who are chosen to go on the quest to save Artemis the goddess of the moon.
Annabeth uses this cap throughout the books, to help when attacking monsters from behind.
The Hunters of Artemis
The hunters are immortal girls who have pledged to fight and hunt with the goddess Artemis as long as they NEVER fall in love with a guy. The hunters are immortal as long as they don't fall in love, or die in any way. In the third book, Artemis tracks a beast by herself, only to get caught by Atlas, Zoë's father. Annabeth is forced to hold up the weight of the sky, but when Artemis finds her, she amediently takes the weight for herself so a fair maiden like Annabeth didn't have to. Then, Percy takes the weight off of her.
Zoë dies in this book, in the arms of the goddess, killed by her own father. Zoë 's last words are "Stars, I can see the stars again, my lady. Stars." The huntresses are loyal and excellent with the bow. They set up the camps that are needed quickly and they move as one.
I just want everybody to know, there are spoilers in here, so beware.

The Jackson's
Thalia is the daughter of Zeus and Ms. Grace (name never metioned). She is the older sister of Jason Grace by 7 years. Thalia ran away from home when she 9 (Luke already been on the road on his own for 2 year) after her and Jason's mother took them for a picnic, but Hera (queen of the gods)took Jason (age 2). Thalia, being the daughter of Zeus, shouldn't be alive due to the promise the three brothers made. When Hades found out about her, he was outraged. He sent monsters after Thalia, Luke, Annabeth, and Grover as they tried to make it back to Camp Half Blood. When on Half-Blood hill, monsters surrounded them. Thalia told them to go across the border while she fended them off, but there were too many monsters. They killed her. While she was dying, Zeus took pity on her and turned her into a pine tree. This pine tree became known as Thalia's pine, and became the camp's boundary line. In the second book, Luke poisons the tree, and the tree starts to die. Clarisse gets sent on the quest but Percy decides to go too, because he feels he needs to.
Thalia is afraid of heights.In the third book, Apollo (god of the sun, and younger twin of Artemis) offers her to drive, she basically sets fire to New England. Jason is able to fly, though it is unknown of Thalia is able to as well.
It is hinted that Thalia and Luke like each other, so fans of the books have created a ship name for them. Thaluke. Though now, even if they did like each other, they couldn't be together because Thalia takes the oath to become a hunter of Artemis eliminating any chance of her being the child the Great Prophecy talks about. Thalia becomes lieutenant when Zoë dies.
Thalia has a shield that can turn into a bracelet called Aegis. It was a gift from Athena. On it, there is a horrible picture of Medusa on it.
Thalia Grace Daughter of Zeus
Hades God of the Underworld
Hades is the god of the Underworld. He is one of the children of the titans Kronos and Rhea. He is the father of Nico, Bianca, and Hazel. Hades is the only brother that didn't break the promise, and is really annoyed because he was forced to be the god of the Underworld. He is the husband of Persephone, (goddess of spring and daughter of Zeus and Demeter) and is a hero of the second Titan War. He doesn't have a throne on Mt. Olympus, and is only aloud to go there once a year during the Winter solstice.
Dionysus God of Wine
Dionysus was born a demigod, son of Zeus and mortal Seleme. Dionysus is the Greek god of grape-harvest, wine, madness, parties, and ecstasy as well as theater. He is also known as Mr. D, the camp director of Camp Half-Blood, after he chased a nymph that was off limits. He must work there for a whole century training heroes that he hates. He hates heroes because his wife (Adriane who fell in love with Theseus) got her heart broken. Other that the maiden goddesses, Dionysus has the least half-blood kids, only two. One of his kids, Castor, dies in the fourth book. That might have been one of the few times Dionysus shows any emotion or sadness in the books.
Dionysus is repetitively being called "the wine dude" by Nico in the beginning of the third book, and Blackjack throughout the books from then on.
After the fifth book, and second Titan War, Dionysus gets his punishment shortened to only 50 more years.
Chiron the centaur has the upper body of a man, the lower body of a horse. His mother ran and left him when she first saw him.
The First Prophecy

You shall go west and face the god who as turned
You shall find what was stolen and see it safely returned,,
You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend,
and you shall fail to save what matters most in the end.
The Second Prophecy
The Second Prophecy

You shall sail the iron ship with warriors of bone,
You shall find what you seek and make it your own
But despair your life entombed within stone,
And fail without friends to fly home alone.
The Third Prophecy

Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,
One will be lost in the land without rain,
The bane of Olympus shows the trail;,
Hunters and Campers combined prevail,
The Titan's curse must one withstand,
And one shall parish by a parents hand.
The Fourth Prophecy

You shall delve in the darkness of an endless maze,
The dead, the traitor, the dark one raise,
You shall rise or fall by the ghost king's hand,
A child of Athena's final stand,
Destroy with a heroes final breath,
And lose to love worst than death.
The Great Prophecy

A half-blood of the eldest gods,
shall reach 16,
Agents the odds,
To see the world in endless sleep,
A hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap,
A single choice shall end his days,
Olympus preserve or raze.

The Sixth Prophecy

Child of lightning beware the Earth,
The giant's revenge,
The seven shall birth,
The forge and dove shall break the cage,
And death unleashed through Hera's rage.

The Seventh Prophecy

Go North beyond the gods,
Lies the Legion's crown,
Falling from ice,
Son of Neptune shall drown.
The Eighth Prophecy

Wisdom's daughter walks alone,
The mark of Athena burns through Rome,
Twins snuff out the angel's breath,
Who holds the key to endless death.
Giants bane stands gold and pale,
Won though pain from a woven jail.

The Prophecy of Seven

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
Storm or fire, the world must fall,
And oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bare arms to the doors of death.
Thanks for reading all of that!
-Emma Jackson
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