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No description

Lisa Titford

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Neptune

30 AU
From the sun, or
4,504,000,000 km
from the sun. Neptune Composition Size 4.3
billion km
from earth. Origion Gravity Location The 8th planet
from the sun The mythological origin
is greek and roman. It was named after
greek god neptune. Its diameter is 4,9493km. 11m/s^2 is Neptunes
gravity and 9.78m/s^2
is earths gravity. If an object weighed
100 pounds on earth it
would weigh 978 pounds
on Neptune. Exploration Neptune is 36,740km
bigger than earth. Neptune is made of ice and gas. Neptune has a striped
pateren of blue clouds
and it also has a graet
dark spot.And a faint
line of rings. The temperature at
the the top clouds
is 210 degrees
celcius. It is made from gases
such as Methane,ethane,
acetylene,and diacetylene. Voyager 2 was sent
on August 20,1977
and on August 24,1989
it was a flyby 9000
images were taken. 13 moons have been
discovered orbiting
around Neptune.
There names are Despina,
Sao,Thalassa,and Triton.
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