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My Behavior Change Project

No description

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of My Behavior Change Project

Results & Reflection
3 months after I started my behavior change project, I am proud to say that I have been eating a lot healthier. There are times when I think just having one cookie won't be bad and that's ok. As long as I don't make it a habit and that I keep up a good attitude and remind myself of all the benefits I can get later on in life by choosing to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle overall. All in all, I see changes not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.
My Behavior Change Project
How will I accomplish this?
I can set specific rewards for myself every time I do something that benefits my targeted behavior change
My Timeline
Support System
For my specific behavior change goal, I asked my parents, brother, close friends, and boyfriend to make sure I don't get tempted to buy or eat unhealthy foods when I'm out with them. I also asked one of them to go grocery shopping with me whenever I have to go to make sure I stick to my goal and that I have someone to keep me in check.
I need to make my intended behavior change specific enough to make it easier for me to stick to it.
by Michaela De Asis
What is my target behavior?
I want to start eating healthier and eventually make it a lifestyle choice.
Where do I begin?
Target Goal: To be able to choose healthy foods over unhealthy foods when picking out what I want to eat.
If I don't eat anything unhealthy for the day, I will reward myself with a one hour nap during the day.

If I choose to eat a healthy snack instead of junk food every time after dance practice/working out for a week, I will put $20 towards my second tattoo fund.
For example:
I can also keep a journal to keep track of my progress
For example:
My day 1 journal entry
I'm trying to change how I eat and make my lifestyle a healthier one overall. I think this will be difficult to change in the long run because I will always run into temptations to eat sweets but I just need to learn how to control these urges and make sure that I don't feel so bad about myself when I do fail. I also need to learn that an occasional brownie or cookie is okay as long as I don't completely splurge on it. I'm kinda iffy about this whole thing since I've always tried to eat healthier my whole life and it goes really well for the first couple months but then I'll give up on it. I workout and dance regularly so I always feel like it balances it out- that I could eat pretty much anything because I burn it off anyways. However, this is an awful outlook on eating unhealthy and it will only make my habit worse. I think that would also be the greatest obstacle to completely changing this behavior. However, I think if I keep a positive attitude and just keep working towards a lifestyle goal then I will be able to accomplish it.
This graph pertains to majority of people in the US and I can completely relate to it because these are also my top reasons or "excuses" why I choose to eat unhealthy foods.
I created a timeline where I had a specific date I wanted to accomplish a certain small goal by. This makes it easier for me to stick to the plan to achieve my goal of eating healthier.
For example:
By February 15, 2014- I want to be able to pick a healthy snack after every single time I have practice or go workout.

By March 15, 2014- I want to be able to look at eating healthy as not something like torture but as something good for me.
3 months later!
Week 1 Goal: To avoid any type of sweets
For the first week, I made sure to keep it as simple as possible. All I had to do was avoid any kind of sweets that I might run into such as cookies, brownies, chocolate, etc.
Week 2 Goal: Make sure to eat breakfast everyday.
I'm the type of person who doesn't have an appetite in the morning. I've always hated eating breakfast because I never understood the point of having to eat when I'm not hungry and especially if it makes me feel sick. However, for the second week, I focused on being healthier so I made sure to not skip breakfast at all even if it was just a glass of milk or a banana.
Week 3 Goal: Pick fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store instead of frozen food.
As a college student, it's always about finding what the easiest and the quickest to make to eat. Usually it's a lot easier to just go to Giant and grab a pre-made frozen meal. However, if I really wanted to start eating healthier. I made sure to pick out fresh food and cook it myself. To save on time, I would try and make something that would last the entire week.
Week 4 Goal: Substitute my snacks to fruits
Sometimes when I'm doing homework or watching TV, I would snack on what's readily available- usually chips, popcorn, candy. For this week, I focused on making sure that if I wanted to snack, I could snack on apple slices and peanut butter or granola bars rather than reaching for the snacks with empty calories.
Week 5 Goal:
To not reward myself with unhealthy snacks after working out
Sometimes, I have days after working out when I feel like I can eat just about anything since I already worked out and it would even everything out. I'd use this as an excuse. So for this week I made sure that when I finish working out, to choose snacks/rewards that are healthier to make sure that I am working towards my main goal.
Having a good support system is very important to anyone trying to achieve something.
Week 6 Goal: To establish a strong support system
Week 7 Goal:
To keep track of everything I eat as much as possible
Week 8 Goal:
To make it through the entire week doing everything I've been doing the past 8 weeks and reward myself with a tattoo fund.
Week 9 Goal:
To stay on track as much as I can.
For this week, I started keeping a log of what I would eat for the day in order to make sure I was getting everything I needed and to see which types of food I wasn't eating enough.
For this week, I focused on everything I've been working on the past eight weeks and since I accomplished that, I put $100 towards my next tattoo fund.
This is a little bit more difficult because this is what will set the stage for what's to come after this behavior change project. This week, I tried to focus on things that would help me continue doing what I was doing with eating healthier (Pretty much everything that led up to this week)
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