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Project planning for academic reports

MC1Y 16th November, 2012

David Allaway

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Project planning for academic reports

Project planning for academic reports
why "project planning"?
how to plan a project I am making the following assumptions:
You want to get a good score for your reports
This topic will be valuable in your career
NBS wants you to get graduate-level jobs quickly What is it? coordination of your work others' work We won't do all of that, but ... So how do you do it? How does each task contribute to the goal? Gantt charts
Project Triangle
Critcal Path Analyses Task 1 Task 2 Review this presentation in your own time
and note your lessons learned and
how you can develop this VITAL SKILL further. Thank you for your attention Have a fun weekend Main principles:
a "project" is a large piece of complex work to be completed by a specific time
there are discrete phases
there is a predictable sequence to the phases
there is a strong need for order & control
there is a "deliverable" at the end Literature review Purpose 1 Purpose 2 sets the context
describes classic texts
describes new texts
analysis differences
& similarities
analyses their claims
analyses their evidence It demonstrates
your work effort Data planning
Your project report will only be as good
as the planning that led to its creation. Project log
your activities
your reasons & decisions
times taken
details of what happened
difficulties encountered and
how you approached & resolved them
insights gained into your own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses
lessons learned
actions to take The project report This is your deliverable.

This is what you will be marked on.

This is the product that reflects all of the processes that you have engaged in.
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