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John Keats and the Romantic Period

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Sophie Clarke

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of John Keats and the Romantic Period

The Romantic Period The romantic period took place between 1780-1850 During the romantic period there were many changes in society that have really shaped our lives today and how we live. Some of those changes are:
-people expressing themselves through romantic poetry, art, music, and literature
-the industrial revolution
-introduced a modern police force
-people composing extremely difficult music
-e.c.t. During the romantic period there was an enormous outburst of talented musicians, poets, composers, and artists. In the romantic period there was enormous cultural and political movement. Such As:
-In 1822 a Tory government was put together
-1825-1828 hanging sentence was reduced by more than 180 crimes
-Cities and population was growing rapidly
-Industrial revolution
-Workers from other countries being employed
-Child labor Some significant poets during the romantic period are:-Samuel Taylor Coleridge-William Wordsworth-William Blake-Lord Byron-John Keats Society during the romantic period had just come out of a structured french revolution and the classical era so the mood of the romantic period in society was very free and about expressing emotions. People expressing their emotions resulted in the romantic period because of all the music and poems written. John Keats John Keats is one of the most renowned English romantic poets from the romantic period. He was born 1795 and passed away in 1821 John Keats admired work by poets such as:-William Shakespeare -Edmund Spenser-Milton-William Wordsworth-Samuel Taylor Coleridge-Thomas Chatterton John Keats parents past away when he was very young, after his father pasted away he started writing poetry as a hobby. John Keats studies Medicine but soon gave up to follow his dream of becoming a well known poet. He never took a poetry class he was a self taught poet like his role model William Shakespeare. John Keats wrote about many things in his poems but most of them were about romance and love. John Keats poems were only published around four years before his death, so unfortunately he was not alive when his poems were very famous. By the 19th century John Keats was known as one of England's great poets. Today John Keats poems and letters are some of the most popular most analyzed poems of English literature.
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