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Just Lather, That's All

No description

Fyza Mossavi

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Just Lather, That's All

Just Lather, That's All Author: Hernando Tellez
By: Fyza, Angel, Hufsa, Maryam Setting Plot Introduction: Captain Torres walked into the Barber Shop for a shave.
Rising Action: The barber began to shake when he recognized Captain Torres, and how he was secretly his enemy.
Climax: The barber struggled within himself to decide whether to kill Captain Torres or not during the shaving.
Falling Action: The barber thought of all the consequences and decided not to kill Captain Torres.
Denouement: Captain Torres came to shave because he heard the barber was going to kill him Character Character (continued) Characteristics Point of View The short story "Just Lather, That's All takes place in a Barber Shop located in Bogota, Columbia in the 1940's.
The time in which it took place is around 2:30 in the afternoon on a hot summer day
The mood in the story changes constantly. From the barber first being confused to who the man is, then to what Captain Torres is doing in his shop, to fear and then to shock.
Captain Torres kills rebels for a living and the Barber shaves peoples beards, owns a barber shop and secretly lives as a revolutionary. The main conflict of the story is whether or not the barber would kill the military officer, Captain Torres. The barber is an undercover revolutionary who spies in town to know the military’s moves. Because of his secret identity, he can go on with his job as a barber and serve as a revolutionary at the same time. His job as a revolutionary is very important. He is not used to confront with the enemies face to face. That’s why when Captain Torres walks in to his barbershop, he is shocked and scared, and doesn’t know what he should do. The conflict of the story is not man vs. man instead it is man vs. himself. The barber is struggling to get hold of him and to do what is necessary finally; he finished shaving the Captain without any violence, and chose to do his job as a barber, instead of his duty as a revolutionary. His reason was clear; he didn’t want to drive himself to murder, just because he got his chance. In the end, he finds out that the Captain knows of his true identity and was just testing him. Theme Internal Conflict Conflict Protagonist: Barber The barber is a confused person because when Captain Torres walked into his shop, the barber was really confused if he should murder the Captain or let him live. He acts really scared, and he was trembling a lot when Torres first came in. Antagonist: Captain Torres Captain Torres is a brave Captain. He is not afraid of death because he still entered the barbers shop knowing that he was an enemy and after he was told that he would kill him. When the Captain first entered the barber shop he acted calm and normal, like there was no conflict between him and his enemy. Barber:
In the short story "Just Lather That's All" the barber is man who is proud of his profession. He takes his time preparing his blade.
"I was passing the best of my razors back and forth on a strop."

Captain Torres:
He is a brave person. Even after knowing the true identity of the barber he still entered his shop.
"They told me that you'd kill me. I came to find out." First Person View In the short story "Just Lather, That's all" the narrator is the barber and it is shown from first person point of view. The reason why the author, Hernando Tellez wanted the reader to see it from the barbers perspective is because he wanted us to feel what the barber felt, which was fear and confusion. The barber is a revolutionary and he is shaving Captain Torres beard which is the enemy. The same guy who has been killing his people. He wanted the reader to get a better understanding of how the barber feels to have the enemy right under his blade. The theme of the story is much deeper than a man cutting his enemies throat by a shaving blade. It's about a man who had to make a decision between good or bad and had to realize the person within himself. Whether he wanted to kill Captain Torres and live the rest of his life as a murderer of let the enemy live.
The theme was also showing us that when you stay humble it can really help you in the long run and teach you a lot of things.
To see that the easy way out isn't always the best way
In the end of it all, Torres knew exactly who the barber was but and what was going to happen but he was just testing the barber. He is in favor of Torres now because he didn't kill him even though he was his enemy and he had a great opportunity to.
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