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Bio Amla - Relaunch!

No description

Syeda Rohma

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Bio Amla - Relaunch!

Bio Amla - Relaunch!
Managerial Marketing Project
Submitted By:
Syeda Rohma Afzal
Syed GhadeerTabish Rizvi
Syed Salman Khaleeq
Syed Umer Farooq
Syed Manahil Ahmed Rizvi

Forvil Cosmetics was established in Pakistan back in 1960 when imported products were the only option available in Cosmetics products. Forvil Cosmetics were the first in this field to fill in the empty existing in the market. Owing to high standards in formulation & consistent quality, Forvil's brands did not take long before they were not only compared with the imported competition, but in many cases, were preferred over them. Over the period of time, Forvil Cosmetics has kept on raising the bar from its own set high Quality Standards and today is the one of most trusted name in the field of Herbal Cosmetics.

Today Forvil is not alone there are many outside competitions to its Hair Care Range. The only reason it lacks back is despite of all the changes in this fast moving world forvil has remained the same.
Bio Amla Shampoo is the flagship brand of Forvil Cosmetics, launched back in 1982. It has been the most favorite & trusted Herbal.
Shampoo of Pakistan through generations having a legacy of millions of satisfied consumers, which are still growing. This herbal shampoo is enriched with all the goodness of Amla & various herbal extracts including Shika Kai, Nagar Mota, Brahmi (Thyme Leaves). Unlike harsh chemical shampoos, which badly damage the hair, Bio Amla Shampoo is gentle on hair, nourishes them from roots to the tip and makes them soft, silky and radiant shiny, with a gentle touch of nature.

• Ineffective promotion
• Poor design
• No innovation

• To gain and maintain a market leader's position in the cosmetics market through high quality and reliable natural products.
• To make Forvil Cosmetics a leading cosmetic manufacturing company in Pakistan.
• To meet the International Quality Standards by adapting International Quality and Environmental Management Systems.
• To give superior service

Bio Amla Hair care products are produced effectively and efficiently under the supervision of FORVIL COSMETICS Pakistan. Forvil Cosmetics, Pakistan's leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Herbal Cosmetics products. They have a vast & ever evolving portfolio comprised on various Hair Skin Care Products, based on our unique Herbal formulations. With an exposure & experience of 50 grand years in the industry, Forvil Cosmetics is a name synonymous with Quality & Trust amongst its millions of consumers all around the world.
Human hair and scalp oil, sebum, has a pH balance of between 4.5 and 5.5. This natural hair acidity prevents fungi and bacteria in the hair and scalp, and keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. Many of the hair products that people use disrupt the natural pH of the hair. A substance that is too alkaline will cause the hair to open, while a substance that is too acidic will cause the cuticle to contract. We are keeping moderate pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 in our product to keep the hair and scalp healthy.
In Pakistan, there are many shampoo brands are available in the market which includes Sun Silk, Pantene, Head & Shoulder, Dove, Lifebouy and many others. But Bio-Amla Shampoo is the only brand which purely made with natural herbs and oil keeping pH level moderate . No other brands in Pakistan claimed that their product are fully made with Natural herbs except Bio-Amla. This is the main reason of our future success by providing high quality product with hair care soution.
• If you want to make your hair become longer, thicker, shinier & healthier
• If you want to control Pre – Mature Hair Loss
• If you want to correct split ends of your hair
• If you want to permanently cure your dandruff

• We are going to adapt MARKET PENETRATION STRATEGY of Ansoff matrix to reposition Bio Amla in Pakistan.
• The target market of Bio Amla shampoo perceives it as of low quality, we will try to change this perception through repositioning.
• Proper advertising campaign and introducing new packaging.

Following are the points which we are using in differentiation strategy:
• Effective sales and marketing, so that the market understands the benefits offered by the differentiated offerings.
• Using natural ingredients
• Lowest PH level (potential Hydrogen) so no damage to hair.
• Promoting nationalism as being Pakistan first natural herbal shampoo

a) Forvil Cosmetics Bio Amla is one of the largest organizations of Pakistan.
a) Company has advanced its technology and well skilled professionals.
a) The new Bio Amla is a high quality product in terms of hair protection.
b) The target market is educated, and belongs to middle to upper class.
c) Systematic distribution network, transparent communication system. Distribution all over Pakistan in all major and small cities.
a) The target market is educated, and belongs to middle to upper class.
a) Imported brands are also available in market.
a) Customers are offered better alternatives by the competition.
a) Lack of knowledge of the product in the mind consumers.
a) Considered as the "Shampoo for the Poor".
b) No creativity.
c) Less financial support
a) Population expanding at a rapid rate.
a) Current capacity utilization is 60%, which can be further broadened with the increase in demand.
b) Customer base is increasing with effective marketing.
c) Baby shampoo is another area where Bio Amla can make huge gains.
d) Shampoo plus conditioner is another area where Bio Amla can earn huge profits

a) Political and economic factors.
b) High rate of competition.
c) Local and Foreign competition.
• Establish a strong brand image and consumer loyalty.
• Easiest and availability of the product to the target consumer.
• Create awareness about this uncommon product.
• Reduce Cost.
• Maintain positive strong growth in starting years.
• Inform the target audience about features and benefits of our product and its competitive advantage over our competitor’s products, leading to a 10 percent increase in sales in one year.

Bio Amla will serve many customers throughout the world and is looking forward to go international. The customers targeted by Bio Amla from the beginning are lower and middle class which is huge sector of market
To launch right product, we must know the right target market, so for that purpose we have done market segmentation, In order to formulate an effective marketing and promotional strategy, for the target market of “Bio-Amla”, Based on Geographic variables, Demographics variables, Psychographic variables, and Behavioral variables.
• Country: Pakistan
• Cities: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad.
• Population density: Urban and Sub-Urban.
a) Age: For All ages, except infants
b) Gender: All / mainly targets females
c) Religion: All
d) Race: All
e) Income: Income 8,000 and above.
f) Family size: All
a) Social class:Mainly targets the middle and lower class. (huge sector of market)
b) Life style and personality: culture oriented
c) Benefits sought: As Bio-Amla herbal shampoo is enriched with all the goodness of Amla & various herbal extracts, so it targets all its valuable customers who want to deal with hair damaged problems and make their hairs soft, silky and radiant shiny, with a gentle touch of nature.
a) Knowledge: Make people aware about our product through campaigns.
b) User status: Regular
c) Usage rate: Heavy
d) Brand knowledge:Strong, some.
e) Involvement level: Medium, low.
f) Buying stage: Ready to buy.

a) Bio Amla's main core product is that of a perfect herbal shampoo.
b) This shampoo is the first of its kind herbal shampoo, it contains different 24 herbs
c) Along with the packaging the quality of the product should be improved.
a) Bio Amla claims to practice value-based pricing in which the customers perception of the product" price provides a starting point for developing the marketing mix of the product
b) Prices of bottles
i. Bio-Amla 100ml 80 (PKR)
ii. Bio-Amla 200ml 150 (PKR)
iii. Bio-Amla 400ml 260 (PKR)
c) Price of Sachet:
i. Sachet price 7ml rs.5 each
a) Bio Amla has a distinction of having the largest distribution network for Shampoo products in Pakistan.
b) The efficiency of the network is governed by the Company’s Sales Office in Lahore and Liaison Offices in main cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sukkur and Hyderabad. The International Business department is also based in Lahore to look over the exports ranging to various countries in Asia, Europe & Africa.
a) The advertisement of Bio Amla follows the smile approach that is Simple -Memorable - Interesting with relative information - Linked to Brand
b) Distribute sample Sachets.
c) Hair wash activities at different malls and commercial areas.
d) Promotional Activities:
i. Commercial areas: Liaqat market, Saddar, Tariq road, Soldier bazar, Civic centre, KDA Market, Gulber market, liberty market, Model Town Link Road.
ii. Malls: Hyper star, Millinium mall, Saima mall, Samama mall, Atrium mall, Mall of Lahore, Fortress Square, Vogue Tower, Centaurus mall, Beverly center.
iii. Super markets: Imtiaz, Aghaz, Metro, Naheed, Pace, Jinnah Super Market.
Bio Amla works on small bases but has a huge stamina to tackle its competitors through PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITES. The main core Advertising Objectives of Bio Amla are:
• To increase the usage
• Makes the hair appear clean and shiny
• Imparts a feeling of freshness due to fragrance
• Easy to manage silky and soft hairs
• Unique shampoo for every hair type
• Effectively communicate brand promise.
If we talk about brand perspective of bio Amla shampoo, it can be clearly observed that black and green colors are widely used. The logic behind this color theme is that a black color represents shiny and silky strong hairs and as bio Amla is a herbal shampoo, the green color represents different herbal used in this shampoo.
When you observe the packaging of Bio Amla shampoo, on the front side of it there is a picture of man and woman, which represent that our product can be used by male and as well as female or we could just say that it’s a family product. Even though most shampoo doesn’t target this kind of approach but there we have an advantage over competitors by logo representation we attach our customers with us.
Another nice thing about our brand is that the manufacturing and expiry date is written on the shampoo which updates the consumer about the conditions. Our brand is so user friendly that the bottle looks like an award in your hand. The award to serve your hair well.
It’s not just a shampoo, it’s an advance award for you winning the fight against dull, split, rough hair.
In today's very competitive marketplace a strategy that insures a consistent approach to offering your product or service in a way that will outsell the competition is critical. However, in concert with defining the marketing strategy we must also have a well-defined methodology for the day to day process of implementing it. It is of little value to have a strategy if you lack either the resources or the expertise to implement it.
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