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Erasmus +

No description

Léargas EVS

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Erasmus +

to promote Young People's Active Citizenship
develop solidarity and tolerance among young people
foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries
contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field
promote European cooperation in the youth field
Action 1.3: Youth Democracy Projects
Action 1.1: Youth Exchange Projects
funded by the EU,
Programme of activities using non-formal learning methods
Groups of young people aged 13-25yrs and their leaders
Duration: 6-21 days
European Voluntary Service (EVS)
Action 2
Enables young people to spend a period of time doing voluntary work in another European Country.
for 18 – 30 year olds
Placements are for 2–12 months (exceptionally 2 weeks – 2 months)
The service is unpaid, non-profit making and full-time
Placements are normally within non-profit orgs, NGOs, public bodies.
Cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries of the EU
Action 3.1
Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking Activities

(Eastern Europe and Caucasus
Mediterranean Partner Countries
South East Europe)
managed in Rep. of Ireland by Léargas
European Citizenship
Participation of Young People
Cultural Diversity
Inclusion of Young People with Fewer Opportunities
Non-formal Learning
Equal Opportunities
Occasional, unstructured, part-time volunteering
An internship in a business
A paid job, or replacing a paid job
A recreation or tourist activity
A language course
A period of study or vocational training abroad…
Youth Services, Youth Cafés, Youth Theatres, Youth Information Centres, Colleges/Universities, School Completion Projects, Steiner Schools, Youthreaches, Training Centres, Disability Organisations,
Organisations working with the Homeless, the Elderly, the Travelling Community, in Community Arts, promoting cultural activities, promoting volunteering, promoting sport…


Sending Organisation (SO):
Finding project, pre-departure training, keeps in contact and supports volunteer during project, evaluation and reintegration on return.

Host Organisation (HO):
Programme of work, Mentor (and Youthpass), task-related support, Linguistic Support, accommodation and food, volunteers allowance, Links with Local Community

Usually Hosting Organisation assumes the role of applicant (applies to their National Agency) and carries the financial and reporting responsibility for the entire project.
Travel (return flight) - €tbc
Project Costs = €610 per volunteer per month
Volunteer allowance = €125 per month
100% Exceptional costs for young people with fewer opportunities
Short-term (2 weeks – 2 months): YPFOs and Group EVS’ (10+)

Volunteers who have completed a short-term EVS are entitled to take part in an additional EVS project provided the total duration of the combined period of Service does not exceed 12 months.
Advance Planning Visit – for YPFO

Exceptional Costs for YPFO: Reinforced Mentorship, Health-care, Special Equipment, additional accompanying person, additional personal expenses in the case of economic disadvantage…
Funding (In Ireland):
Exceptions Cont'd
National or Transnational
Set-up, run and managed by young people
Innovative idea of the young people
Age 15-30 yrs (under 18 MUST have support of a coach)
Duration: 3-18 Months
Min. of two organisations per country
To enable young people learn about democratic processes and active citizenship
Age 13-30 yrs
Duration: 3-18 months
Action 1.2: Youth Initiative Projects
Training and Networking Activities
Action 4.3
Meetings of Young People and those responsible for youth policy
Action 5.1
Job Shadowing
Feasibility Visit
Evaluation Meeting
Study Visit
Partnership Building Activities
Training Course
A project to promote.... cooperation in the field of youth work. Supports capacity-building and innovation among promoters, as well as the exchange of experience, expertise and good practice among those involved in youth work.
An activity leading to the development of further projects under the Youth in Action Programme e.g. Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service etc.
Supports the implementation of Structured Dialogue i.e. discussions between youth policy-makers and young people on chosen themes in order to influence policy-making...

National Youth Meetings
Transnational Youth Seminars
Some Important Features
Application Deadlines
01 February 2013
01 May 2013
01 October 2013
Both Sending and Hosting Organsation must be accredited
Pre-Assessment prior to applying for EVS - valid 3 yrs
Eastern Europe and Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia)
Mediterranean Partner Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia)
South East Europe (Albania, Bosnia & Herz, FYROM, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia)
Participating Countries (EVS)
EU Member States + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey
Participating Countries
Programme Countries
Neighbouring Partner Countries
Other Partner Countries of the World
Afghanistan....to Zimbabwe!
Programme Countries
Youth for Europe
Action 1
70% Travel Costs

Project Costs (IE = €39 x participants x nights)

Exceptional Costs - (Advanced Planning Visit, Visa-related costs, Costs for Supporting Young People with Fewer Opportunities)
Funding For Youth Exchanges
70% Travel Costs (for Transnational Projects)

Project Costs (IE National = up to €6,000 || IE Transnational = €8,800)

Coach - up to €1,100
Funding for Youth Initiatives
75% of Total Eligible Costs

Eligible Costs incl. Travel, Accommodation, Organisation of Seminars, Events, Publications...

Maximum Funding €50,000
Funding For Youth Democracy Projects
Programme Countries

Neighbouring Partner Countries

Other Countries of the World (applications to Brussels)
Programme Countries
Support for Irish Organisations to attend Trainings
Sign up to our Mailing List at

More Information?
Youth Work Services Team at Léargas
01 887 1260
Finance & Reporting
Grant Breakdown
Grant is divided into a pre-financing and a final payment.

80% of your granted allocation (pre-financing payment) will be paid to you when your contract is signed.

The payment will be wired to your account by EFT using the bank details on your application.

Project Dates / Duration
Two set of dates: Project dates and Activity dates.

Project dates - also called the eligibility period : all costs linked to the project must be incurred within this period.

Activity dates : When the Activity takes place, they fall within the project dates.

Transfer of Funds to Partners
The European Commission strongly recommends that promoters sign an Internal Partnership Agreement.

For example, 5% to 15% would be allocated to the Sending Organisation while 85% to 95% would go to the Hosting Organisation – according to the task each country is carrying.

Amendment Requests & Procedures
Any changes to your project must be agreed first by the National Agency.

Contact a project Officer.

Complete and sign a formal amendment form (on USB)

On the Spot Visits & Audits
We are required by the European Commission to carry out a certain number of On the Spot visits and audits each year.

Projects are randomly selected and notified prior to the visit.

Always keep all receipts for up to 5 years in case of audits.

Final Reporting
8 weeks to report

Original signed volunteer’s final report

Travel costs : Fully receipted (90% of actual costs refunded)

Projects costs =lumps sums (achievements to be described in Final report : No receipts required).

Exceptional costs : To be receipted

If you have any budget queries before, during and after your project, contact Emmanuelle Place on eplace@leargas.ie or on 01 887 1207

Check out the Final report publication : http://www.leargas.ie/media/YouthinActionFinalReportJargonBuster.pdf

Contractual Obligations
Quality in EVS Projects
Full timetable 30-39 hours per week.

Holidays - at least statutory

Always supervised

Own Project?

No teaching
No Job-Substitution

Hours should include:
Meetings with Supervisors
Meetings with Mentor
Language Lessons
Programme of Activities
Internal Partnership Agreements (Activity Agreement)

Role and responsibilities of each party (Sending, Hosting, Volunteer)

Division of the EU YiA grant

Payments and budget transfer among promoters

Signed by each party
A tool to document and reflect learning processes

A Certificate that recognises non-formal learning

Should be supported: PreDeparture, Mentor, OAT, MDway

Set learning goals
> What do I want to learn?

Plan steps in the learning process
> How do I want to learn this?

Learn and reflect with others
> Get a learning partner


Must clearly acknowledge the European Union’s Support in all communication or publications.

Media – Newspapers, Newsletters, Leaflets, Advertisements, Annual Reports, Booklets, Video, DVD

PR – Interviews, Posters, Public Activities

Internet – Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,Blogs

The font Tahoma must be used when quoting this sentence.
Focus on Project Results

Promoting what happened

Using learning from process to support your project/organisation further.

Examples: Public events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, sharing DVD’s/movies / products created. Making a resource for your org based on the project experience.

Dissemination & Exploitation of Results (DEOR)
Support & Training
Pre-departure Training


On-Arrival & Midway



Regular meetings

Mid-term and end Evaluation

Contact with Sending Organisation

Volunteer's Info Kit
Letter from Commission

What to Expect from EVS

Axa Volunteer Guide

Online Enrolment (Sending usually) www.msh-intl.com/global

Password - specific to deadline. For 01 Oct '13 password is prj7hppe

Be prepared, know how it works - read guides.

Up front payment for Volunteer's day-to-day Medical expenses?

European Health Insurance Card
'This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’
Formal Education
Leonardo da Vinci
Vocational Education & Training
Higher Education
Adult Education
Non-Formal Education
Active Citizenship
Solidarity and Tolerance
Cultural Understanding
Quality of youth support systems
European cooperation in the youth field
Non-formal Learning (Youthpass)
Participation of Young People
Inclusion of Young People with Fewer Opportunities
European Citizenship
Cultural Diversity
Protection of Young People
Visibility of Programme
Dissemination & Exploitation of Results!
Youth = non-formal education sector
Youth in Action
Young People
A supported Unpaid Work Placement
A Structured Non-Formal Learning Opportunity
An Intercultural Experience
Occasional, unstructured, part-time
An internship in a business
A paid job, or replacing a paid job
A recreation or tourist activity
A language course
A period of study or vocational training abroad…
Full-time Volunteer Work Programme
Solid Partnerships
Not-Profit Making
Free of Charge
Accreditation = Pre-Assessment

3 year duration
Application to a National Agency

Deadlines: Feb, May, 0ct - tbc!
National Agency...
Funding Assessments
Final Report Assessments

European Commission
Irish Beneficiary Organisations
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