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2014 Exam Tasks


Emma Oughtibridge

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of 2014 Exam Tasks

Present all of your artist's images with their mini analysis in your sketchbook, 1 page+ per artist.
Add drawings for an A!
Filling in the form:
Photography 42061
Internet: Google
sign it! both sides
21st May
Mindmapping Ideas
to be presented on pages 2,3 and 4
to be presented on page 1
PowerPoint on Artists,
with one high quality image selected for copy.
Public-Art-GCSE-year 11-GCSE EXAM 2014
Where to save your work for printing:
Your area, and send to me for checking:
C) Copy your favourite piece showing understanding of the artist's style, media and technique:

add a title page
"NAME, piece, date, media" 9
Mount 3 versions.
Also mount colour version opposite.
to be presented on page 5
white wash an area of the mind map or add a layer. Make a detailed drawing to link to an idea on the mindmap.
A/A* Task:
The Four
Assessment Objectives:
My Art Exam Project:
How should I lay out my Sketchbook?
Mindmap your theme by...
Filling a piece of paper with images, text and drawings. Include a largish title (theme choice).
Add 10-20 key words (due Mon 13th Jan)
Include at least one observational drawing of...? (due Thurs 16th Jan)
Catherine drew this by hand!
What are we looking for when we mark your work?
A/A* Task:
Be creative and extend out colour schemes, images and key words into the background. hand draw examples. Add layers, heights, flaps for an A*!
Week 4
Week 2 Task
Page 6

Fill a double page with your own photographs and images from magazines, the internet and other sources. All iamges to link to __________________________.
Page 6,
7 & 8
Page 9
Present Prompt sheet Objective 1 thoughts on a flap, layer or extra page folded in.
Make a detailed copy in biro, pen or pencil of a piece of work by your artist. Acetate layer to go over the work on artists.

Due in Mon 4th February
Art Exam Homework 3

acetate layer
Weekly Homework!
Make a title (Photographic Research) to entirely fill the strip of card. Use a variety of:

Cut out letters
Edges - ripped and cut
images - big and small

Due in Mon 11th Feb
Mrs Lumb's Drawings
Final Ideas - 2 plans
Page 12
Gallery of
Exam Work
Year 11
Page 10+
N:\Art\GCSE\year 11\GCSE EXAM 2013\Work for OUG\initial ideas

Mount up this PowerPoint across 3 pages. Add backgrounds, collage, drawings and samples. Extend the work, layer it, work into, add layers and key words.
Final Exam
5 Hours
Thurs 28th March
Bring canvas etc
Acetate Layer
Your own Photographs
Make 2 detailed plans showing:
composition, media, style, colour scheme, text, textures, observational detail and any other content. Label and explain these things.

Make plan one in drawing media, illustrated
Make plan two using Photoshop, PowerPoint, Publisher or Word, using ICT.
Developing Ideas
See the back of your own sketchbook for your own personal feedback

Show how you have explored your final ideas in different ways, using different types of media and styles.


Photoshop a Photo and draw into it to add atmosphere
Collage a print background and paint
onto it
Turn a friend into a superhero using Photoshop
Media Experiments
Page 11 +
Art Homework

present a written/typed
Evaluation. Fill a apge.
Add photos.
Page 14 Written Evaluation and photos
Present Prompt sheet Objective 1 thoughts on a flap, layer or extra pages folded in.
Page ?
End of Course SHOW
Private View 21st May
If it's just a case of locating and collating, get the art technician to do it!
Does he do finishing too?
I'm just amazing!
Time to type...
Shared - Art - Ough - Artist's Statement
Time to share...
b) name onto back of
each slide of
c) sign sheet
a) finish statement
Sew, srunch, luggage labels, collage, print, decorate, embellish...
Week 1 Task
homework: Finish The Story of the Artwork
Hand in Thurs!
Week 3
24th Jan 2014
Week 3

Mrs Oughtibridge's
Lovely Year 11s Look here!

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