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Metaphors and Similes :)

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Jenny Liang

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Metaphors and Similes :)

A simile is a comparison between two unlike things that
use "like" or "as".
What is a Metaphor?
Examples Of Metaphors
1. The girl's eyes were diamonds sparkling in the night sky.
2. The trees were towering giants looking over the vulnerable flowers.
3. The fart was a bomb, exploding every now and then.
What is a Simile
A quick review, metaphors are comparisons without like or as, and that similes are comparisons that have like or as.
Example of Similies
1. The clouds were as white and fluffy as cotton balls, floating and moving in the sky.
2. Her lilting music was like angels singing in heaven.
3. The oatmeal was bubbling and hot like magma in a volcano.
Activity for You:
1. Give a metaphor with the topic: Cats
Activity for you!
1. Write a simile about the following topic: Fast food
Metaphors and Similes :)

A metaphor is comparison of two
unlike things without using "like" or "as".

The Activities For You!
1. Identify which of the following sentences is a metaphor, and which is a simile:
a. 1. The cat was as soft as silk
2. The cat's fur was silk
b. 1. The Sun was a fire ball
2. The Sun was hot like a fire ball
2. Look at the following sentences, and underline the metaphor, and circle the simile:
a. The tree was a towering giant, with its crowning leaves like emerald hair.
b. The blue sea sparkled in the light, like stars in the water, while the water was a mirror as people stared in .
Sabrina Shih
Lambert Hu
Lambert Hu
Sabrina Shih
Melody Leung
Melody Leung
Grace Ye
Jenny Liang
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