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catipult project

catipult for mr. flower

katelyn arter

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of catipult project

materials and tools
you will need



electical scrow driver


table saws
laminate floor
My Catapult what a catapult is How It Workes well for it to work it needs a load arm a effort arm and a fulcrum . the load arm is were you but the load on. the effort arm is where you put the effort like a force of some sort . what kind of class lever also the fulcrum is the base so it connects to the arm and when there is a effort it could be stored as potential energy.when u release the arm it turns into kinetic energy. I made a class 2 lever what is the mechanical advantage the ratioof the force producby a machine or system (the load) to the force appiled to the machine or system. a catipalt i alarge machine that can throw huge rock or bulders how could u make your catapult better i could of used some springd insted of just bending the would that is screwed into the base or the fulcrum. i could of used a diffrent way of putting the catipualt togeter. by katelyn arter
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