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Diversity Intro

UNF RA Training Fall 2012 - Diversity intro session for Diversity day

Housing and Residence Life

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Diversity Intro

with Sarah Friswold
Multicultural Competence:
for the RA Role & beyond

Discrimination & prejudice is not a thing of the past
We want you to be able to identify where YOU are and where your RESIDENTS are developmentally
Introduce the key terms
Why do I need this?
Multiculturalism -
Social Justice
Color blindness
Diversity 101
(It's not an old old wooden ship)
Jacksonville Sexual Orientation Bill (April 2012)
Project Breakthrough
Dove Positive Self-Image Campaign
The 10 year fight for the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Bill & the success that followed (2009)
It's not all bad ...
At the University Level
UNF Diversity Statement
UNF Commission on Diversity & Inclusion
UNF Non-Discrimination policy
The Department of Housing and Residence Life at the University of North Florida supports the educational mission of the University through the creation of a positive living and learning community with the best facilities, services, programs and customer service for our students. Our responsive staff strive daily to enhance student academic and personal development by fostering a sense of respect for self, others and the community, placing an emphasis on diversity, encouraging personal and civic responsibility, while providing opportunities for leadership development.
HRL Mission Statement
We want you to:
Create an "Inclusive" community - What does that mean?
Accept residents for who they are, and not who you or others want them to be
Be open to learning about new things
Take on new experiences with a positive outlook
Recognize that not everyone's experience is the same!
In the RA Role
It's Time to Draw Your Own!
Today is dedicated to learning about Multidimensional Identity:
Rotation Session this morning
Group Activity after Lunch
BCDs this afternoon
What Else Do I Need to Know?
Once You're Done Drawing break into groups of 4 & discuss:
What experiences did you think of that made you place each identity where you did?
What identities were the easiest to place & why?
Which identities were more difficult to place & why?
What steps can you take to help you become more familiar with the difficult identities?
Learning about yourself & others is an ongoing process
These tools will carry over to your life after being an RA
Keep an open mind
Don't Forget!
"Be Kind, Everyone you meet is fighting a battle"
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