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Virginia Tech Shootings

By: Alex Lorek & Kevin Lockwood

Alex Lorek

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Virginia Tech Shootings

By: Alex Lorek & Kevin Lockwood
Background Information
Virginia Tech Shootings
Historical Context
Detained for stalking female students on campus
Media Response
World-wide media coverage
Social Media Response
Positive support groups
Virginia Tech spends $11.4 million on safety and security upgrades.
•Deadliest shooting among single gunman in US history
•33 killed, 17 wounded
Mentions Columbine Shooting killers
•Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
•Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
•April 16, 2007
The Perpetrator
•Senior student
•Motives: Rejected romance and anger with wealthy “rich kids”
•Took his own life
•Media manifesto sent to NBC
•Mental health issues (Anxiety and Severe Depression)

NBC publicized some of the documents. Glorifying Cho's rampage?
Virginia Tech Massacre Showed Background Checks Needed In Gun Control
Other universities reviewed their own mental health, public safety and emergency alert system.
Seung-Hui Cho
Timeline of Events
•Prior to shooting:
Stalking and suicide threats
Removal from class for disturbing content
Did not go to prescribed post-treatment
Purchased guns and ammunition
Records videotaped segments for media manifesto
Timeline of Events Cont.
•Day of the shooting:
7:15 am: 1st shooting
Cho reloads and leaves a disturbing note
7:30 am: Police investigation, lockdown of building
9:01 am: Cho mails package to NBC
9:26 am: Emails notifying Virginia Tech community of the shootings were sent out
9:45 am: 2nd shooting: Cho shoots 53 people, killing 33 people and taking his own life; emails continued
12:00pm onward: Press conferences and counseling centers set up on campus
Inaccurate media coverage
Ceremony in honor of victims
He also wrote a number of plays which reflected his mental illness
Seung-Hui Cho
Citizen media coverage
Jamal Albarghouti
MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News
Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times
Cho Media Manifestos
Students grew tired of media
Manifestos, new's coverage, and interviews can be found on YouTube.
He was from South Korea
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