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sumen waraich

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

New Zealand is mainly agricultural country with some industries. They have a rich economy with a good amount of rural area to provide many opportunities for jobs, education and exploration. Due to the amount of agricultural land , they attract many tourist which is why their most important industry is tourism. They have beautiful forest and wonderful people , so lets explore.... Introduction Before we get started lets get to
know New Zealand starting with
... New Zealand time machine What major events in history have happened that have shaped New Zealand today? 1907 New Zealand was dominated 1899-1902 New Zealand soldiers fought in the Boer war. Many
also fought in the First World War. About 17 000 were killed which was devastating due to the fact that their were only 1 000 000 already. 1930-1933 In 1930 New Zealand was in depression just like
the rest of the world and by 1933 14% of the work-
force was unemployed . Where is New Zealand ? New Zeland is in the South Pacific, and it is actually made up of 2 main islands and many smaller ones. Its coordinates are 41.4395 degrees south and 172.1936 degrees east.

Tourism is the most important industry and therefore very big in New Zealand. It is something that provides a lot of profit for New Zealand , it provides up to 5 billion dollars which is quite a lot compared to other countries.

Biggest contributors to tourism earnings are :

Australians at 29%
British at 10%
Americans at 8%
Chinese at 8%
And Japanese at 4%

Which is 59% of all money spent. Tourism Many of the men in New Zealand fought in World War 2 in North Africa and against Japan.
In 1947 New Zealand became independent from Britain . In 1951 New Zealand joined the Anzus Defense Pact. 1947- 1951 The National Party was in charge of New
Zealand from 1949 to 1957 but Labour
ruled again from 1957 to 1960. During
1956 the non coloured population of
New Zealand got to about 2 million. The early 1980s were very difficult years for New Zealand. In the early 1980s there was rapid in the increase in prices and high unemployment. A new Labour government came to power in 1984 and they deregulated the economy. They also cut back the welfare state. In 1997 Jenny Shipley became the first
woman Prime Minister of New Zealand. In Febuary of 2011 a earthquake hit Christchurch and left 181 people dead .It also left alot of damage to buildings in Christchurch. ECONOMY New Zealand's economy is based on its international trade which is from research . New Zealand exports average at a 3.3billion in
2012. Their most efficient export is in their
agriculture where they export meat, dairy
products, wool, vegetables , fruit, and forest
products Their imports where at 4.20 billion in 2012.
They get Imports such as Children's nightwear,
toys, cots, pedal bicycles, baby walkers,
candles and candle wicks containing lead,
child restraints, cigarette lighters. vs NEW ZEALAND 1997 capitol willington languages are english, maori,and New Zealand sign language uncrowded mild temperatures narrow secondary roads The first is God Save the Queen (the English National Anthem) and the other is God Defend New Zealand national anthems 1947-1960 1980's 2011 New Zealand’s Head of State is Queen Elizabeth 3.3 Billion 4.20 Billion Exports Imports They spend more money on imports then exports which means they get quite a lot of these supplies from other countries .They could be low in lead which is something they get imported, or gas which also something the get imported from probably Canada since they are known to have a amount of . They probably do not have enough or any of these things since they are imported. Also many of
the products imported are artificial by that I mean not natural so not fruit or any natural
resources which could be because of their land. They have a wonderful land with many natural
resources which are plenty but because they have more urban area they use more man made
products for an example petroleum. They consume a lot of these products, and in order to
keep these products from running out they have to import . In fact almost have the products
needed to make petroleum were imported. New Zealand consumed about 47% which means they
could have ran out or not have enough if they did not import. WHY DO THEY IMPORT MORE THE EXPORT? The GDP is actually quite high in the top two
from the data I collected , it is at 140 billion
which is close to the greatest This tells us about the cost of the products being produced , since it is high I can tell that their are many things being built with a lot of people helping. The employment rate is high which can tell us how many people are working towards creating these products. The employment rate is ,ore then half which can explain the high GDP. Partnership GDP They have a very strong partnership with Canada and has partnerships with Australia, European Union, United States, China and Japan. These partners have fairly good economies especially China which is known for its very well trades New Zealand is part of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC),
Asian Development Bank (ASDB), the Commonwealth, Organisation
for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE), the United
Nations, UNESCO, and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) MAIN INDUSTRY Their main industries are in agriculture; since they had a rugged country like land they were able to use it to make many agricultural trades. Some of it main industries are meat , fruits and wool. They supply 90 countries with meat and have 6.8 million beef cattle so these is a resource they Are very rich in and it provides a good profit. They also have about 68 million sheep which makes a lot of wool .They have the second largest amount of sheep after Australia and are actually the largest supplier of wool for thing like carpeting clothing, in the world. They also are most popularly known worldwide for apples and pears which they have a large amount of and give a good profit for. These where all able to happen because of it land structure and how they choose to use it. ECONOMY statement So as you can see New Zealand has a good economy and is well developed leading a wonderful life for it people and for its partners. these are all the trading partners but it has the main ones talked about so take a look and see them LIVABILITY New Zealand is a place where people might want to move to and
the reason why does change depending on the category. So throughout these slides i will have two categories and will explain
the reasons why or why not. Starting with............ Most families would want to live their because of the rich economy and variety of job
opportunities. Most families look forward to moving in a way to get a better job in
order to provide a better life for their kids. Since they have 86% of urban area and
thousands of jobs the opportunity to be successful in your career is quite high which
does draw families. FAMILY Also as a family they have kids, and a concern can be education. The fact is that education their is amazing and great for kids. New Zealand has many courses and learning opportunities. They also have English schools so if the kids can not understand the language their they can go to school in the English language and learn it slowly but at their own pace. They also speak English in New Zealand so being able to understand the people in New Zealand will not be a problem .Also doing well in school and getting a job is considered a virtue in New Zealand so education would not be a problem it would actually be a pull because every parent want their kids to have a great education . young adults Something that might effect their decision to not go is the fact that their are mostly urban area so it might be hard to find a house in the suburban. Most families want a house in the suburbs mostly because with kids it is better to be in a neighbour hood near a school with not a lot of traffic or not a lot of crowds walking outside. These makes it a lot easier o keep track of kids and to insure their safety which I know from personal experience with my own parents is a big consideration. as young adults most want to go out and experience new things and with the strong economy and excellent job choices their is many possibilities to have a successful life as well as make memories in New Zealand. From research I know that their is a lot of urban area in New Zealand ,about 87 % which means their are many jobs and many stores with different things in them that you might not see in other countries .From various opinions I know that most adults look for urban areas to be close to shops and in the city being independent and New Zealand can provide that experience. Since New Zealand has many flora
and fauna the adventures are endless
which also attracks many adults willing for an experience. Though they do have many jobs you still will need to do a bit of schooling to understand the countries heritage and how their laws are how they do business their to get a job as well as you need some qualification like experience or
education .With these you could end up being held back for a while to settle in . MY OPINON I would live in New Zealand if I was around 25 years old looking for a job. Since they have a rich economy with a lot of urban areas finding jobs will not be hard because I will be surrounded by businesses and stores. Also they have a lot of city like land which also draws my attention because I like being able to walk out to different stores and experience things out in the open. Something’s that might effect my decision are:


Family Education:
Being in a new area means that I need to redo my education and get a degree their which might be hard. This is do to the fact that what they are learning could be completely different from what I am learning which will make it a lot harder to just go and find a job. Also speaking about different ; the things they might do in New Zealand or the laws that they have will take a while to get use to because where I am from the laws are quite different. Family:
Being that far away from my family will be extremely hard especially due to the fact that I am used to having them with me all the time. Being in a situation where I can not just call down my cousins for help will be a bit hard for me to get used to and I do not think I will want to get used to that. Over all New Zealand is a great place to live with many opportunities for any body. Though they have some negative side effect , its not a huge deal every country has their ups and downs it just how you use them to make your success story or you memory. QUALITY OF LIFE New Zealand has a literacy rate at about 99% which is almost the whole population. This does not surprise me because they have a lot of money spend on education which you can tell from the expenditure which is 23.60 % of the GDP. This could be from the fact that the government focuses a lot of money towards education simply because he can . They have enough money to be able to support the people and provide extra needs and wants. LITERACY RATE
GRAPH Since there is a well number of educated citizen the employment rate is quite high which means there are many jobs and opportunities their and many new buildings and entrepreneurs which does help them develop. Since it is so developed stores for things like food and water are also easy accessible as well as extra for the latest technology and many wants. So New Zealand is as up to date as we are here in Canada. Also the urban rate is so high which proves my point that since the education is so high the buildings are being build so more areas are for the city for all these new industries. Also they have about 20.9% employment in industry which is a good amount.
LABOR FORCE GRAPH Though they have a well employed country they do have a great amount of population and with all those people going to the city to work it does get crowded and does have a lot of traffic and overcrowded areas. But it is not crowded going into the rural side . Since there are many citizens their thing are developing faster There are very few that are unemployed which also helps these country show traits of developed which shows that the country is developed because there are not many unemployed compared to employed population POPULATION DENSITY GRAPH There are also very few deaths because of the good health care. The expenditure on health is 3279. Since the government does have a fair bit of money he is able to spend it on health care as well as improving it every year with other countries like Canada which is well developed and provides an easy life style for Canadians HEALTH EXPENDITURE GRAPH In conclusion i can tell that
the New Zealanders have
a easy life style and a high
standard of life do to my
reasoning above. To make
it easier think of New Zealands
life style like our own which
is a easy life style, waking up
to clean water and to many new
electronics in stores etc. Citations "Employment and Unemployment." - Statistics New Zealand. New Zealand Government, n.d. Web. 11 Jan. 2013.
New Zealand." New Zealand /data. The World Bank Group, 09 Jan. 2013. Web. 09 Jan. 2013.
Google Public Data Explorer." Google Public Data Explorer. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Jan. 2013.
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Facts about New Zealand." In New Zealand. New Zealand Tourism, 11 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Jan. 2013.
"Oil and Gas Industry in New Zealand." Www.wikipedia.com. N.p., 24 Oct. 2012. Web. 11 Jan. 2013.
New Zealand Death Rate." - Demographics. Cia World Fact Book, 11 Jan. 2013. Web. 11 Jan. 2013 Thankyou for taking a trip with me to New Zealand
but before we go lets get some facts ! New Zealand is crowded but it does have some very uncro
wded areas
New Zealand has mild tempretures
New Zealands capitol is wellington
kiwi is New Zealand’s native flightless bird( not a fruit)
also they have a native bird called moa and is the biggest
bird in history
36 times smaller then USA
Voted the best traveled destination !
thanks again have a lovely day :) Sumen 8A EMPLOYMENT GRAPH FOR INDUSTRY AGRICULTURE
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