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No description

Alexa Melendez

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Fluorine

When was the element Discovered?
Fluorine was discovered in 1866.
Is the element commmon or rare?
Flourine is common.
We use fluorine in refrigerators, toothpaste, and rocket fuels.
~Fluorine was used in making the first ATOMIC BOMB!
~Fluorine is corrosive enough to be one of the few chemicals to react with a diamond. & fluorine is so REACTIVE it can extract oxygen from water!
Is there anything Unique about flourine?
Flourine belongs to the Halogen family.
What Family of elements does Floruroine belong to?
fluorine (F)
chlorine (Cl)
bromine (Br)
iodine (I)
astatine (At)
What other elements belong to
the Halogen Family?
Fluorine is the most reactive and the most electronegative of all the elements.
It reacts violently with water to produce oxygen and the extremely destructive hydrofluoric acid.

What are some characteristics of the fluorine ?
Can the element be used for anythign Useful?
If you consider your Teeth being nice then Yes, it's used in Toothpaste.
Does flourine bond with any other element or atom
Fluorine bonds with almost any element and atom.
What would happen if your element disappeared the face of the earth?From your research regarding the uses of your element, your task is to write a one paragraph creating a story about the day your elemnt disappers.
Dear Diary,
I've became antisocial since flourine disappeared. The toothpaste hasn't been working correctly. Giving everyone cavities and worst Stinky Breathe. I don't know if i could live with such revolting stench. All my friends think I'm upset at them for not talking to them but their breathe is the worst!
Henri Moissan discovered Fluroine.
Who discovered Fluorine ?
The Natural state of Fluorine is Gas.
What is natural State?
Fluorine is pale yellow.
Fluorine has a strong/acid/spicy/tangy/sour/salty smell.
You can't feel gas.
What does look Like /Smell Like /Feel Like.
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