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ISA 2012 Arboriculture and Solar Power

August 13, 2012 Portland, OR, USA

Dan Staley

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of ISA 2012 Arboriculture and Solar Power

Please Find Your Online Handout At:
Arboriculture and Solar Power: Coming to an
urban forest near you
Dan Staley
August 13, 2012
Arboriculture and Solar Power
Solar energy collection
Solar access
Conflict reasons
Solar Movement: Consistent & Predictable
Solar Energy Collection
Production Costs
Installations Globally
Types of Solar
Energy Collection
Photovoltaic (PV)
Solar Hot Water
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
7% all electricity globally
What Do We Mean by 'Solar Access'?
Solar Installation
1 Panel:
~200-250 Watts
Visualizing Solar Access Planes (or Zones)
Visualizing Solar Access Planes (or Zones)
Solar Path Diagram
3-D Path on Sky Dome
Solar Access Zone as 'Wedge'
Objectives, Participation
d: setbacks, trees, houses, etc.
Solar Site Analysis
Output Types
Output Types
Sun path fixed and knowable
Solar collection increasing due to
plummeting costs and new business models
Three main types of solar collection,
two viable in cities - PV and solar
Physical form of solar access is a
"wedge" shape that allows us to
know the safe height at any distance
to mitigate a conflict. "Solar Access
Zone" or "Solar Safe Zone"
Conflicts are obstructions in the
solar access plane that decrease
power production now or in the
future - usually trees and buildings
Solar site analysis performed by
several different tools to determine
CURRENT obstruction
Site analysis output varies from
analog to sophisticated digital
formats to illustrate and calculate
CURRENT obstruction
Site analysis output can also be
performed remotely by software to illustrate and calculate
CURRENT obstruction
Site analysis output at this time is not able to illustrate, calculate,
determine or estimate any FUTURE obstruction
"Solar Thermal"
Solar-safe pruning and repeat maintenance
Solar-safe siting and species selection
Solar-safe consulting: property, solar installation, ordinance, covenant, Special District needs
New Rule With Solar Work:
Look Out, Not Up or Down
Right Tree, Right Place, Right Reason
One Way
Another Way
Solar Safe Zones
Custom-configured by You
Solar Safe Zones
Solar Safe Zones
Neighborhood Scale
Who, Me?!
Already Being Done
Room 203
Business Opportunities Are Out There
Solar Smart Pruning and Repeat Maintenance
Solar Savvy Site Design Services
Solar Smart Consulting Arborists
Trees and Solar Energy are Logical Partners
Leasing is New Best Option
Don't be reluctant: everyone wants the same thing. Really.
Dan Staley
Thank you!
Thank you!
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