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Fiji Prezi

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Kevin Zheng

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Fiji Prezi

Fiji People in Fiji (: Clothing By * Women most of the time wear a wrap around dress called a Sari. Men usually just wear pants and a shirt. Audrey, Kevin,
Caylie, Courtney Fiji Language and Literacy * Family means a lot in Fiji and the father is the head of the house. > In Fiji, 95% of males and 92% of females are literate.

> Actually, most Fijians can read and write when they are 15 and older. Most
are Christian! > English is their official language, but they can also speak Fijian and Hindustani.

>Fijians are generally relaxed and courteous. They are proud of their traditions and culture. :) * They use cell phones and telephones just like we do! *Their homes are made of wood, cement and something are western style houses. Military POPULATION IN FIJI: 890,057 POPULATION IN THE U.S.A: 313,914,040 In Fiji rugby (football) is the most popular sport as well as soccer. another sport played in fiji would be volleyball. golf is a tourist sport * The weather in Fiji is very tropical so they usually will wear light clothes like women like to wear shirts and dresses. (: * The clothing in Fiji is becoming very western style, it is becoming very similar to our style of clothing. > A welcoming song and dance for the visitors that arrived on Fiji. ;) Fiji Military recreation * Military largely responded to the interplay between politics and ethnicity that had created discord and tension.

* It is a small multicultural country of 850,000 people. Military Branches:
-Republic of Fiji Military
-Land Forces
-Naval Forces

Military Manpower (Ages 16-49):
-Males: 233,240
-Females: 188,325 Republic of Fiji Military honoring the fallen heroes on November 2nd, 2012. Fiji Geography * Fiji's location is in the Oceania, a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

* The size of it is 18,274 square km and it is the 157 largest country in the world.

* Their natural resources are timber, fish, gold, copper, offshore oil potential, and hydro power. * It's climate is mainly tropical marine with just a slight seasonal temperature variation.

*Fijians use 10.95% of their land for arable land, 4.65% for permanent crops and 84.4% for other uses. A tour of what Fiji has to offer. ;) Fiji Holidays * When a child loses a tooth, they put it under their pillow for El Raton Perez, a mouse. This is similar to our Tooth Fairy! :D

* On birthdays, They pull on the birthday boy's/girl's ears for good luck. :)

* Just before midnight of January 1st, Fijians flock the streets to celebrate with neighbors and watch kids light fireworks! * When a girl turns 15, she throws a large party and waltz with her father and other boys.

* On July 20th, or Friendship Day, they go out, get together, give out presents, call their friends, and other friendshipish activity. :P A New Year's celebration in Fiji! Also, it gives us a look at a more modern Fiji city. FOOD :) Drink Kava drink this is fijis most popular drink in fiji would be kava, the kava drink can lead to health problems such as kanikanhi where your skin becomes rough and scaly food :) There are many tropical fruits to choose from in fiji such as bananas, mangoes, and papayas. vakalolo-dessert chicken curry-main dish dhal-soup paw paw and courgette-side dish other food and drinks Are you ready to for the adventure?? A game of rugby
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