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Naked Juice

No description

Heather Joy

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Naked Juice

Campaign Timeline
SWOT Analysis

Objective 1: Increase consumer preference against larger competition by 16%.
Persuade half of the consumers who prefer our larger competition
MAM Survey: Naked had 20.87% and larger competition had 31.86%

Objective 2: Increase utility as an on-the-go nutritious beverage purchase by 32.8%
Would sway the minds of the “general juice” drinkers who don’t have a brand preference

Objective 3: Increase advertising promotions geared towards availability
of flavors and high quality taste by 50%.
Word or idea of taste not mentioned in previous advertisements and
most of our consumers choose a juice to drink because of its taste

Other objective: Offset the effects from the lawsuit
No direct PR attempt, just highlight the other objectives more

Naked Brand Background
Founded in California as a small business owned by Jimmy Rosenberg in 1983

Strong dedication to sustainability, quality and great tasting drinks

Over 20 different refrigerated juice and juice drink smoothie products

Strategic Advertising

Action Set:

Target campaign against larger competition in order to establish Naked as a larger and more prominent juice brand.

Maintain Naked’s dominance over direct competition.

Make Naked’s taste and availability of flavors as a mean for learning about the ingredients.

Position Naked as an on-the-go drink in order to sway the target audience from seeing Naked as a meal substitute.

Highlight the positives about Naked in order to offset the negative reputation caused by the scandal.

Marketing Objectives
Objective 4: Maintain over half of the juice and juice drink smoothie sales versus direct competition.

Own 61.6% combined with Naked Protein

Flighted campaign happening during nine months of the year

- Naked currently owns over half of the market share of refrigerated juices and smoothies

- Strong digital presence and interactive banner executions allow consumers to directly interact with the brand

- Certified by a lot of eco friendly and sustainable organizations
(Rainforest Alliance, LEED, etc.)

- Uncertainty with consumers about what all of the ingredients mean (health concerns, nutritional value, etc.)

- Relatively high price per bottle


- Demonstrate to community that there is a reasoning behind the amount of sugars as all fruits contain this amount

- Develop a stronger reputation of the lifestyle of the brand

- Sell them for cheaper (coupons, variety packs, bulk, etc.)

- Major lawsuit against Pepsi Co for misuse of the term "all natural" ending in a $9 million settlement, leaving a bad media exposure for the brand

- People think that juice can substitute for a meal and therefore it's not helping their diet

-Competition is wider than just other juices because it is essentially sold along various on the go drink products

Target Audience:

Females ages 18 - 24

Females ages 25 - 34
Advertising Objectives:

Objective 5: Increase sales of juice and juice drink smoothies against top refrigerated juice and juice drinks by 11.8% to have higher sales than fruit drink.

Juice and juice drink smoothies have the biggest increase
11.8% increase with the same trends in other drinks would surpass fruit drink

Reach Driven Campaign:

Effectively hitting our spot markets
Not enough budget to make it frequency driven
MAM Survey Analysis

Analyze the perception and importance of key attributes determined in a primary survey for the Naked's key competitors
Last Year's Spending:
Interactive Display
Media Selection
Creative Plan

February and March:
Objective 5: Increase sales of juice and juice drink smoothies (total market) against larger competition
5.9% increase in both February and March, ending in 11.8% overall increase

April and May:
Objective 1: Increase preference of Naked against larger brands
8% increase in both April and May, capping a 16% increase

June, July, August:
Objective 3: Increase advertisements geared taste and availability of flavors
20% increase during June and August (months where there is active advertisements)
10% increase in month in between just for advertisements still circulating/in consumer’s mind

July, August, September:
Objective 2: Increase utility as an on-the-go nutritious beverage
14% increase during July and September (months where there is active advertising)
4.8% increase in month in between just for advertisements still circulating/in consumer’s mind

Objective 4: Maintain over half of juice and juice drink smoothie market
0% increase in October

2013 Budget: $602,300

Growth Rate: 3.58%

2014 Budget: $623,865

5% Contingency: (31,193)

Gross 2014 Budget: $592,610
Campaign Evaluation
On the go beverage and preferred against larger competition:
end of year top of mind awareness survey

Taste and flavor advertisements:
Look at rating points across TV and radio platforms to see if they were more viewed/listened to

Naked against direct and indirect competition:
Look at revenue in December 2014 to see changes

Communication Objectives:
To create brand awareness in the target’s mind that Naked Juice is the brand of fruit smoothies that is a flavorful blend of fruits that is refreshing and delicious while on the go.

Brand Positioning:
To busy health-conscious 18-24 year old females who seek a satisfying and nutritious drink that is tasty while they are on the go, Naked Juice is the brand of fruit smoothies that is best suited for you.

Naked Juice products will put a pep in your step during your long and hectic days.

The tone of the advertising campaign will be entertaining, contemporary and witty.

Tag line:
Bare it all.

Radio 30" TVC Spot
Digital Transit

Katy Perry Concert:

Mad Decent Block Party:
College Tour:

Jillian Mezzetta, Rachel Steinberg, Heather Miller
TVC 30" Commercial
"And then he got me NAKED..."
Three voices: Ashley, Mel, Heather
Sleepover, "girl talk" scene
Ashley explains her date with a "mystery man" only to reveal that he "got her Naked"
Reveals the Naked Juice drink that this "mystery man" got her.
Will have at least one flight month in each spot market
NY and Philly regions will have an additional promotional line for the Concert and Block Party
Strategic Intelligence
In comparison to the Ideal, Naked's "Best In Class" competition is Minute Maid
Naked is stronger suited in calorie intake with a strong position of taste in comparison to the ideal juice drink.
Media Plan
Message Strategies:
Creative executions should emphasize great taste and "on the go" quality

Radio All Day:
Highest index usage for all radio groups
Strategic Intelligence:
Effective medium for both targets

Radio Drive Time:

Strategic Intelligence:
Radio Drive Time
will be effective for both targets overall, since this vehicle is significantly cheaper than other day parts in several particular spot markets.

Radio All Day
Radio Drive Time
Quintile 1 = Index of 121
Quintile 1 = Index of 82
TV Quintiles:
Insufficient for target group
Over 100 in Quintile 5, below 50 in Quintile 1
TV Early/ Late Night Fringe

TV All Day
"Swiss Cheese Approach"

Flight Media Schedule for strategic spot markets
For the West Coast, spot markets include:
• Los Angeles
• San Francisco
• Sacramento
For the Southeast, spot markets include:
• Miami
• Atlanta
• Tampa
• Orlando
And Northeast spot markets include:
• New York City
• Philadelphia
• Boston
• Washington, D.C.

GRPs, Reach
and Frequency
Outdoor Concerts
TV Primetime
Not Strategic
Index of 201
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