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Interpreting, Presenting, & Using Data (CHOICES Conference Spring 2012)

No description

Wendy Tackett

on 15 August 2012

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Transcript of Interpreting, Presenting, & Using Data (CHOICES Conference Spring 2012)

Evaluation 101 Program evaluation is the systematic approach to determine the worth, value, or merit of something Typically used for:
monitor progress
determine continuation, expansion, change, or dissolution
fulfill grant requirements E=D+V Need to have evaluation design that:
includes as many program elements as feasible
relies on multiple sources of valid data
incorporates current research and best practices
uses reliable and valid analyses Evaluation Balance Using evaluation data Key Elements Interpreting, Presenting, & Using Evaluation Data
with Wendy Tackett, Ph.D. & Kelley Pasatta, M.Ed. Some questions to ask as you get ready to interpret and use evaluation data:
What can you use to improve your programs?
What can you use to help make program decisions (continue, expand, or end)?
What data is useful internally and what should be shared externally?
How should the data be shared (graphs, tables, pictures, stories, skits, oral presentation, face-to-face, written, phone, email, press release)?
What questions aren't answered by the data? What additional data do you need to collect?
What new questions do you have because of the data you've seen? If you have paid for an evaluation that you don't feel was conducted well, should you still use the evaluation data and recommendations? If you have a high quality report from an external evaluator but your boss isn't interested in external perspectives,
what should you do? Interpreting evaluation data Periodic Table of Visualization
http://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html# Data should be in a simple, appropriate form Data should be examined at appropriate scales Need to be clear about:
what is being measured
how it is being measured
limitations of the study
how data are being analyzed (over time, comparison groups, snapshot, etc.)
validity, reliability, and generalizability of findings Presenting evaluation data Simple is better!
Use less text and add more visuals & talk
Use one or two fonts
Don't use too many special effects that overshadow the message Be consistent in your spacing and layout
Use color in graphs to highlight your point (and make the rest of the graph grays and black)
No 3D charts
No clipart (use photos, drawings, or high quality graphics) Poll Everywhere
http://www.polleverywhere.com/ Bit Strips http://www.bitstrips.com/ Watch Eva! 330 students surveyed

200 students responded

50% eat fruit
30% eat veggies
75% drink milk
60% are active 30 min What does
mean to you? How do you use
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