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Emperatriz Angulo

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of INFINITIVES III (A05)

INFINITIVES * The Infinitive has also a Past Form to specifically show an action that has happened before the action in the main verb. TO HAVE + PAST PART. * The Infinitive has a Passive Form. b) In the Past: TO + HAVE + BEEN + PAST PART. PART III For example:
- He hoped to have learned the lesson.

- She expected him to have called her. He didn't.

- Jane appeared not to have fed the dog. a) In the Present: TO + BE + PAST PART. GET For example:
- She doesn't want them to be humiliated.

-Would you expect to be helped on the Final Exam? For example:
- That house appeared to have been cleaned the day before.

- The project was supposed to have been finished last week.
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