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Organization and Time Management

No description

Victoria Daly

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Organization and Time Management

Time Management & Organization Ways to Better Yourself in the Workplace Application Activity
What did you learn?
How well did you and your team work together?
Was the activity easy or difficult?
In what ways could this activity have been improved?
- From us and you Imagine that you have a major presentation with a prominent client later today and you have just received word that your boss wants to meet with you for an update. A few moments later, you receive a call from your child's school asking for you to come pick them up because they're sick. You now become overwhelmed with all these unplanned events that now need organized into your schedule. As you reach for your smartphone to update your calender/day planner...it dies...and you have no charger.
How would you handle this situation?
What TM skills could be utilized? One More Thing About Time Management Tm isn't just about time it is also about yourself

* Time Management tips are really Self Management Tips!! * Discussion Questions What did you learn from our presentation?

How could you apply what you've learned to your future?

What techniques/skills, that you've learned, could you use in your future? Workplace organization is
essential for effectiveness and efficiency
Why is organization important?
Easy to access important information
Keeps large workloads manageable
Makes information easy to locate

* There are many ways to organize Time Management in the Workplace Seeking Help in the Workplace Concerning Time Management If these TM principles/tips are too frazzling for you to handle, there are other ways to go about working with TM and how to manage it

* It is OKAY to ask for help *

Every workplace should have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). These programs can provide you
with assistance and advice on how manage your stressful life and where you should go from there Group Members Review Scenario Organization Nicole Colon Ally Prugh
Victoria Daly Mandy Raduela
Matt Gayheart Carmen Versoza
Mike Moriarty Brad Weeter Useful Tools for Organization Agendas
Electronic Planners
Word Processors
Binders Principles of Time Management Plan each day
Prioritize tasks
Break down big tasks into smaller ones Utilize the 10 minute rule
Evaluate how you are spending your time
Limit distractions

* All of these principles, if followed, can help you succeed in TM and help you overcome the obstacles of TM J
Y How is TM & Organization
Important to Us? For us, coursework and college it self has become much easier and feasible because TM & Organization helps us:
Reduce stress
Become more efficient
Meet deadlines
Achieve better grades
Be prepared and in control This is Stever Robbins,
Stever Robbins, INC. Time Management Simply, TM is the strategizing of how to manage your time wisely

Why is TM important?
Helps with organization
Allows you to stay on top of your life and your commitments
With proper TM stress decreases, self confidence is boosted, and you are presented as a reliable person to your employers and coworkers
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