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Vietnam Intro

No description

tracey maloney

on 25 October 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam Intro

Brief History of Vietnam Intro The Vietnam War was the longest and most costly war in American history. From WWII through the end of the Cold War, United States policy makers tried to apply the lessons they had learned in Europe to the foreign policy problems of Asia. As a result, United States foreign policy in Asia was often incoherent and American intervention in Asian affairs often ended in tragedy. Early History 111 BC-1858: Viet Nam goes through many dynasties and has constant battles against the Chinese for sovereignty.
1858: The French navy attacks Da Nang. French colonize Vietnam. 
1932: Bao Dai, the last emperor, begins his reign as an infant. Who was Ho Chi Minh? Ho was trained by the Chinese to spread Communism into his homeland of Vietnam.
He became a Vietnamese Communist Revolutionary who sought independence for the Vietnamese people from the French.
He organized the Viet Minh (North Vietnamese Communist Party)
1945: Ho Chi Minh declares North Vietnam independent. What's happening elsewhere in 1945? WWII
What major countries were involved? As WWII ended, France worked to rebuild it's empire around the world and upon hearing of Ho Chi Minh's bold move in organizing North Vietnamese independents, France reoccupied Vietnam. Fighting with the French 1946: The war between the French troops and the Viet Minh for the control of Vietnam began.
1954: The bulk of the French army was defeated at Dien Bien Phu. America Steps In... 1955: Ngo Dinh Diem proclaims himself president of the Republic of South Vietnam with backing from the West.
1959: The Viet Minh (a.k.a. Communist Party) started military operations in the South. Construction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail began which was a supply trail between N and S Vietnam.
1961: Kennedy increased US military aid to South Vietnam, first in the form of military advisors (16,000 by 1965). Escalation of the War 1963: Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated in a US-initiated coup.
1964: President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to escalate the war after a US ship is attacked in the Tonkin Gulf. All but two US senators pass the "Tonkin Gulf resolution", which gives blank checks to US presidents over Vietnam. US Troops Arrive in Force 1965 (Feb): First US aerial raids against the North. First US troops in Danang, which will increase to more than a half a million. Vietnam had the most deaths in any US war.
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