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Futuristic Homes

This Prezi Presentation is all about the cool inventions everybody will have in their homes.

Aaron Walker

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Futuristic Homes

By Aaron Walker Futuristic Homes New inventions like the keypad an fingerprint entrances will save you the stress of finding your keys.
These awesome inventions will give you maximum security. The doors will only open to your fingerprint or pass code so no one can enter the house without you knowing about it! Entrances Soon, you will never have to write a shopping list as all your grocery's will be delivered automatically.
Whatever you need can be delivered instantly. Its easy-peazey-lemon-squeezy!!! In the near future, many surfaces and counters could be installed with induction heating coils. .Heating Systems. Isn't it awesome!!! Soon, your house may look like this! What exciting inventions will you discover? Shopping
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