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Weapons in the Elizabethan Era

No description

Alicia Black

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Weapons in the Elizabethan Era

WEAPONS ELIZABETHAN ERA At the time, England had been under a constant threat of war with Spain and France The reason for weapons Anyone who had enough money to have a weapon had owned one. Mostly Guards and soldiers had carried these weapons but even some peasants would carry around a small weapon for protection Who had owned these weapons? THE DAGGER There were many types of weapons such as: The dagger was a two edged long blade that was mainly used when a fighters sword had been lost. Because of how small it is, it had to be used at a close proximity. SWORDS The sword was used for fencing, fencing skills were required by all upper class nobility. THE BROADSWORD The broadsword was the smallest sword. It was made to enhance cutting action on the back swing. The great sword was 72 inches and was the longest sword used in combat. THE GREAT SWORD The Cannon had been used for many years before the Elizabethan era, but by this time they were largely relied upon as a primary weapon. The cannon had helped to take down distant targets such as walls and people. CANNON Back in the Elizabethan era, Armour was mainly used for decoration in parades and ceremonies. It was not used for protection like it is today. Also What you wore had classified you into a certain class... For Example ARMOUR The rapier was to be worn by all nobles. It was very important to their daily attire. As technology got more advanced. The elegant rapier was used in preference to the older clumsier cutting swords. THE RAPIER During this time, mostly medieval weapons were used even though new and more advanced weapons were made. They were effective but very simple only allowing them to be used in specific ways. MEDIEVAL WEAPONS FIREARMS During the English warfare, England had proved to be successful in all endeavors, military expeditions and conquest. Time after time these weapons had proved themselves adding to England's power as a nation. In this era, technology had really advanced. all bows and arrows were replaced with firearms. The most commonly used was the musket. The firearms had been a great invention but they still wanted to keep the medieval weapons that they had previously been using. Battle Axe Lance Stiletto The weapons that were made in this time period had helped us in our lives today. The weapons that were used had inspired many of the weapons that are still used in our time period. How did these weapons influence future time periods?
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