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Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan

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Jenna Peterson

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan

Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan
Articles of Confederation
*First constitution of the United
*1777-1781; took almost 5 years for
all 13 states to ratify
*Weak central government
~Left all the power within the state governments
*It was not too long after the states
decided they could no longer take
Virginia Plan
*Written by James Madison ("Father of the Constitution") in 1787 and presented to the Constitutional Convention

*The Virginia Plan...
~Called for a Separation of Powers which
left three branches in charge: the
Legislative, the Executive, and the
~Bicameral Legislature represented by
House of Representatives elected by the people and Senate elected by the state Legislatures
Legislatures choose who served in executive and judicial branch as well

*The smaller states heard this and thought it was unfair that the Legislature was based on population, so they got together and wrote their own version...
New Jersey Plan
*Written by the smaller states a few days
later in protest to the Virginia Plan

*The New Jersey Plan...
~Called for three branches;
Legislative, Judicial, and Executive
~The Legislative House was to be
Unicameral and represented
equally, so all the states had the
same amount of power.
The Legislature selects appointees to the Executive branch, and the Executive branch selects the justices of the Supreme Court (Judicial), who served for life
Connecticut Compromise
*The Connecticut Compromise was a combination of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans
*It called for...
~A bicameral Legislature
Every state had TWO members in the Senate
House of Representatives was filled by population
Each five slaves would be counted as three people
Senators were chosen by state legislatures for a term of 6 years
Representatives were elected every 2 years by the people

and the rest is History...
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