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Agent Based Modelling for Social Simulation

Emiel Ubink

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of ABM4SS

Agent-Based Modelling for Social Simulation An ant
is a very interesting creature But an ant colony
is much more interesting Focusing on a single car Does not help when trying to understand traffic jams Many research challenges are related to the meso or macro level Increasing cost of health care Performance at
team level Safety
at large scale events The question is how to understand and model the meso or macro level Or is it better to
put multiple car-models together,
to see how traffic
jams emerge? Should we model the traffic jam directly,
i.e. at the level of the traffic jam? In ABM, the agents are models at
the "micro level". The meso or
macro properties are then said to emerge from the interactions between the agents and the environment. Some meso or macro systems are best modelled by combining micro models. This can be achieved with Agent Based Modelling (ABM) The central idea is to combine relatively simple and understandable agent models in order to create a model of complex (meso or macro) system behaviour. We believe
that ABM can help us
solve some of the challenges
that we are facing today,
in fields such as energy,
health care, defence,
safety and
mobility. ABM4SS Get Involved! Fullscreen? Click "More" Already working with ABM? Then please fill out this survey: https://city.tno.nl/projects/PR04301036/SitePages/Survey.aspx and we will get back to you. Do you have experience with Agent Based Modelling?
Do you have research challenges you would like to tackle with ABM?
Then join us at the ABM4SS workshop on October 1st, 12:00-17:00.
Contact PR-ABMMenselijkGedrag@tno.nl for more information and registration.
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