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bone prezi

samantha simmons

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of forensics

Blue bones
1.male or female?
2.) age?
4.)stature? Bone Examination! Bone A Fibula The Green bone Examination Cervical-irregular Bone B and C Femur! Left long bone Find Lumbar-irregular Sacrum-irregular Thoracic-irregular long left bone 43.5 inches long Long right bone 43 inches long 35 inches long Bone D and E Long Right bone
35 inches long Fibula Femer Bone F and G Tibia Long bone
Left bone
31 inches Tibia Long bone
Right Bone
35 inches Bone H and I Ulna Long bone
Left bone
25.5 inches Ulna Long bone
Right bone
27 inches Bone J Radious Long bone
Right Bone
25 inches Ischioum Left Right Irregular Ilium Pubic Irregular Bones M and N Scapula Scapula Flat/ Irregular Flat/ Irregular Left bone Right bone Bone O The Carpals The Phalanges The Metacarpals Carpous- short
Metacarpous and Phalanges- long Bone P Phalanges-short (10) Carpals-short (8) Metacarpals-irregular (2) Right Bone Q Sternum Flat Bone R and S Left Clavicle Long/ Irregular Right Clavicle Long/Irregular Bones T and U The Left Humerus The Right Humerus Long Bone
30 inches Long Bone
30 inches The Skull The Frontal Bone W The Occipital The Tempral The Parictal Bone V The Ribs True
Floating Bones K and L Bone Xand Y The Left Patella The Right Patella Short Short Bone Z The Phalanges The tarsals The Talus The Medatarsels The Calconeus who? Samantha Simmons Examining two skeletal remains what? when? January 14, 2012 where? Forensic Lab Why? Two Identify skeletal remains,Victim
Find the Big Four Today I will be trying to find the big four two skeletal remains. By using fetcher of the pubis bone, the facial structure, the humerus, fibula, tibia radius and the ulna, i will be finding the Race, Age, Stature and Gender. 1.)Age?
4.)statur? Bone A Bone B and C The Left Scapula Bone D and E The Left Clavical Bone F Skull Bone G Frontal-Flat Bone H The Lumbar Bone J The Cervical Bone K The Thoracic Bone L and M Radios Bones N and O The Left Patella Bones P and Q The Left Femer Bone R The Tibia Bone S Tarsals Sturnem-Flat Thoracic-Irregular The Right Scapula Flat and irregular The Right Clavical Long and Irregular Occipital- Flat maxilla-Irregular zygomatic-Irregular nazal-Irregular Temporal-Flat The Mandable- Irregular Irregular Irregular Irregular ulna Humerus Left Right Ulna Radios Humerous The Right Patella Short Bones The Right Femur Both Long Bones 45 Inches 45 Inches Fibula Metatarpels Phalanges Tibia Fibula Phalanges Metatapels Talus Calcaneus How? Examine bone remains in order to find the "Big Four" Flat Bone The Sternom Radios Humerus Right After doing a bone examination of the two skeletal remains, i have come to a conclusion. i have found the "Big Four" for both victims. For the first victim, the "blue"bones , i have concluded that it was a
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