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Nelson Mandela

No description

Joshua Eckels

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela By Joshua Eckels Born : July 18 1918 Mveso, South Africa Small Village 1925 Attends school near Qunu Receives his name "Nelson" 1937 Attends college Wesleyan College Fort Hare University Oliver Tambo 1939 Runs to Johannesburg Completes BA, and studies Law at
university of Witwatersrand 1943 African National Congress (ANC) 1944 Forms the youth league of the ANC Evelyn Mase 1948 Apartheid policy implemented across South Africa 1952 First black legal firm in South Africa with Oliver Tambo ANC's Defiance Campaign 1956 Accused of conspiring to overthrow South African state Charged with high treason Treason Trial : all charges aquitted 1957 first marriage breaks up 1959 Parliament passes new laws extending racial segregation ANC loses financial and militant support 1960 Sharpeville Massacre ANC banned Mandela goes into hiding,
Forms underground military group 1961 Becomes ANC leader Guerrilla movement 1962 August : Arrested and imprisoned October : Sentenced to 5 years but goes on the run 1964 Captured and sentenced to life imprisonment Robben Island 1980 Oliver Tambo launches international campaign for release of Mandela 1986 Sanctions against South Africa 1990 Freed from prison Ban lifted on ANC ANC, white National Party
multi-racial democracy 1991 Becomes president of ANC 1993 Awarded Nobel Peace Prize 1994 Blacks allowed to vote for the first time Inaugurated first black president of South Africa 1999 Tours the world as global statesman 2001 Diagnosed with prostate cancer 2003 Attacks President George W. Bush's foreign policy Supported fundraising campaign for AIDS 2004 Retires from public life 85 THE END
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