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Visual Media & Learning

Visual Media & Critical Pedagogy

Jennifer Carpenter

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Visual Media & Learning

Visual Media
& Learning

Duke CE

Multimedia Journalist & Documentarian
J. William Fulbright Scholar, US Department of State
Lewis Hine Documentary Fellow, Duke University

MSc in Media, Communication Development at LSE
Mobile technology & visual media literacies are utilized for education & community development
Paulo Freire (1996): the act of "speaking and unspeaking"
Dissertation: participatory photography & critical pedagogy in Durham public schools.
Jen Carpenter
"Just as Jennifer’s program supported her student photographers to look at themselves and their community in new and evolving ways, it has helped BCNC understand our constituents and our own agency even better..." -- Giles Li, BCNC Director
UNICEF Albania
Voice of America
The Washington Post

Wendy Ewald
Snapping a picture of my dad doesn’t automatically convey the richness of my feelings for my dad.
Progress from observing the details of the image to trying to understand "the story" behind it.
Participatory Photography
& Critical Pedagogy
Vocabulary: Blur/Focus
Vocabulary: Angle, Framing
Experimentation leads to new ways of seeing
Participatory Photography: community concieved & produced photographic works that aim to define, explore & improve shared spaces.
Catalyst for group discussions, reflection, social awareness & mobilization.

Critical Pedagogy: mobile & visual media are changing the way we learn & interact as learners.
How do we capture our community in photographs?
2008 & 2012 Olympics
An act of "seeing" problems
& "speaking" our solutions.
Articulate & communicate something about our personal & communal lives.
Artistic talent not requred!
Workshop 1: Learn to Read Photographs
Objective 4: Offer space for all demographics to participate
Objective 2:
Critically examine & relate community needs
Objective 3: Understand BCNC's position in & significance to Chinatown neighborhood
Objective 1:
Develop English language vocabulary
Workshop 2: Learning the Camera
Workshop 3:
Finding our Words
Workshop 5: Reflection & Discussion
Workshop 4:
Making our
Workshop 6:
Presentation & Exhibition
Result 1:
Visual Literacy
& Learning
Result 2: Community-driven Conversation
Result 4: Organization Solidarity & Reflexivity
Result 3: Low-cost,
multi-purpose application
Multimedia & Mobile Technologies
Participatory photography is merely one example of media literacy education.

Media are the vehicles
with which we express
& experience the world.

Digital technologies
integrate into & inform
our communicative
Flexible AMOLED
Young & emerging business leaders:
Engaged with various technological ways of “seeing” & “speaking.”
Cosmopolitan & globalized clientele:
Learning practices & styles speak to their multimedia proficiencies.
Learning Innovations Team:
Technology-based methodologies will play an increasingly important role in educational toolbox.
Academic affiliations: London School of Economics (Communciation Development)
Young talent
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