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Temple Grandin

No description

Shadia :)

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin
By Shadia, 7A
“I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we've got to do it right. We've got to give those animals a decent life and we've got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect.”
Details that Scare Farm Animals
Electric Prods
Introduction to Checklist

McDonald's hired Temple Grandin to help implement her animal welfare audit
Announced that all fifty plants had to pass Temple Grandin's audit or be taken off the list
Some employees could not get their prod usage down to 25% of the animals
To stay on the list, a plant had to correct ALL of the details that were scaring the cattle.
Temple Grandin created a checklist for the slaughterhouse plants.

1. Sparkling Reflections on Puddles
One plant was using electric prods on every animal
Temple Grandin went there and got down on her hands and knees and went through the chute that the animals were backing away from
Managers thought she was insane
Temple Grandin solved the problem. There were heaps of bright and tiny reflections reflecting off the wet floor.
Once reflections were removed, the pigs went into the chute.

Temple first saw this problem when cattle were not moving in a cattle chute
Made of stainless steel
Everything was fine after they repositioned the lights and bolted the sides down

2. Reflections on smooth metal
3. Chains that jiggle

4. Metal clanging or banging

5.High pitched noises
7. Air drafts blowing on approaching animals
8. Clothing hung on fence
9. Piece of plastic that is
10. Slow fan blade movement
12. Small object on the floor
13. Changes in flooring and texture
14. Drain grate on the floor
15. Sudden changes in the colour of equipment
6. Air hissing
16. Chute entrance too dark
17. Bright light such as blinding sun
18. One- way or Anti - Backup Gates

Well known for her works in autism, asperger's and animal welfare
Half the slaughterhouses in Canada and United States has her designs
Her Mother was advised to put Temple in an institution, but refused.

Born on August 29, 1947
Works at Colarado University as an Animal Scientist
Temple Grandin's squeeze machine made a substantial change in her life
Got inspired to build one after being in a cattle chute
At first Temple Grandin was only thinking about the deep pressure, so she only build the machine with hard plywood board
Over time, added soft padding
Made Temple feel relaxed and calm
Helped her have more empathy towards animals, because before she made the squeeze machine, she would squeeze animals, not stroke them.
Common thing in aspies and autistic children to not know how to pet an animal correctly.
What is Asperger's and Autism?
Asperger's is a mild form of autism
There is a spectrum with 'aspies' and autistic kids
Autistic kids and kids with Asperger's think differently to normal people
Over the years, aspies and autistic kids mellow out
Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Mozart, Einstein and even Sheldon Cooper (from 'Big Bang Theory') are just some well known people believed to have had Asperger's.
Brief intro on Temple Grandin
The Squeeze Machine
A squeeze chute
Are fiberglass rods
Delivers an electric shock to the animal
They keep it moving, but can panic the animal
If you use it on an animal, it can get stressed and lose weight
Dairy cattle give less milk when 'zapped' or 'prodded'.
B.A. (Psychology), Franklin Pierce College, 1970
M.S. (Animal Science), Arizona State University, 1975
Ph.D. (Animal Science), University of Illinois, 1989

How Temple Grandin Came up With her Designs
Temple Grandin's mind works like Google Images
Temple had difficulty drawing buildings from her mind when she firstly started to design cattle handling facilities
Took Temple three years to work out how to read blueprints and floor plants
Observed a talented draftsman named David
Copied David's style and used the same drawing tools as him.

Drawing of a bison handling facility featuring curved chutes and sorting pens

Round crowd pen and curved race system for handling cattle
Temple Grandin's Life in Highschool
Temple Grandin kicked out of high school for fighting
Kids would call her a tape recorder, because Temple Grandin would memorise phrases and repeat them over and over again in conversation
Temple would get angry at the kids for teasing her and punched them
Was sent to a boarding school
The school had horses to ride
Headmaster was buying cheap horses, so they had a lot of emotional problems
Temple Grandin spent a lot of time around the horses
Punishment for punching was that she wouldn't be able to horse ride
Temple Grandin replaced punching with crying
One Happy Outcome

Temple Grandin's list was very strict
Plants didn't think that they would be able to pass it
McDonald's then started to audit the plants
McDonald's took a major plant off their list because they failed the audit. Others were suspended
Most large plants are being audited by restaurant chains such as McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's International
Before McDonald's began requiring its suppliers to audit their plants according to Temple's standard, they wouldn't maintain their equipment.
Now, Temple Grandin's equipment is perfectly maintained

An audit is a list of expectations or a check-up to see if things are done correctly and suggesting ways of improvement.

FYI, An audit is a list of expectations or a check-up to see if things are done correctly and suggesting ways of improvement.

Small chain hanging down the cattle chute
Chain was swinging back and forth, causing the cows to stop
Employees were not paying much attention and were using electric prods, screaming and yelling to get the cows moving.
A Silencer Squeeze Chute
This problem is universal
Metal gates, sliding doors and squeeze chutes all bang and clang
Plastic tracks for sliding doors and a company called Silencer might fix the problem.
Music from movie
Plant in Nebraska used a hydraulic system that produced a high pitched whining noise
The cattle would get very agitated
They changed the plumbing so the whining would stop.
Also one that you see everywhere
The reason is that high pitched noises are close to distress calls
Normal thinkers would not process the gorilla
If you don't expect something, you are not always going to see it
People with ADHD do see all the details, and therefore find it hard to concentrate.

Cattle don't like it
Hanging anything on fences can scare animals
Yellow clothing is the worst. Cows won't walk towards a patch of yellow

Plastic and other moving objects scare animals
Moving paper towels are a problem for pigs and cattle
Animals don't have a problem with an electric fan that is turned on, but they do if they see one that is turned off, with the blades rotating slowly in the breeze.
Autistic kids can get spooked by anything that is spinning quickly
Dyslexic people can see the flicker of the fan blades and find it dreadfully distracting and fatiguing.
11. Seeing people moving up ahead
Cattle and pigs have not been trained to calmly walk alongside humans like a horse.
Temple Grandin once knocked off a white plastic water bottle from up above at the entrance to the cattle chute
The cattle would not walk over the bottle
The problem was solved when one cow stepped on the bottle and it squished into the mud, turning brown.
Issue is contrast
Drain grate too different from the floor
Problem is again contrast
You cannot have the gates and pens painted different colours
High-contrast colours are the worst type.

Contrast again is the problem
The quick change from light to dark is what spooks the animals
Not much you can do for this
Just have to deal with it
Anti-backup gates hang from overhead
Not attached to the side
Not flexible
Animal pushes through and the gate closes behind them
Temple Grandin doesn't like to use them, because animals hate having to go through them.
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