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nathan dacosta

on 25 January 2014

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A cheetah is 70' -86' in length, 32'-45' in hieght,85-145 lbs in wieght.
A cheetah is very slender and long legged.
Cheetahs also have very small heads and ears.
A cheetah is a tanned color and has black spots and they have distinctive tear strips for blocking the sun from their eyes like football players.
A cheetah can live in several different places such as Africa, Middle East, Kenya, Asia these countries all have savannah like areas where the cheeta loves to live in.
Cheetahs can get lots of food such as gazelle
Africa can provide many types of food such as gazelle, wild beasts, oryx, sables, impolas, zebras.
The cheetahs habitat is very dusty and the grass
A cheetahs habitat is very dusty filled with tall trees about a foot tall of grass to hunt and to do it quiet it has low hills and it is somewhat flat.
A cheetah has many types of hunting but it chooses one in particular the stalk and choke method when it does it waits for the perfect time and POUNCES on its prey.
Did you know a cheetah has adapted to chase its prey in zig -zags if necessary.
Cheetahs have long slim tails for balance when running after prey.
Cheetahs have specialized paws for immediate stop after running.
Cheetahs have very slim bodies for swift moves for chasing its prey.
Cheetahs give birth cubs.
Cheetahs live 12-14 years of age.
Cheetahs hunt alone but 3 brothers could not get a zebra for dinner so they decided to hunt an ostrich together it would be easier to only have one target and not many targets
The male cheetah mates with a female and then leaves the family to fend for themselves but that is not a very hard job for a cheetah because there are many different types of animals for the cubs to eat and many places to teach the cubs what to do by them selves but overall the female cheetah rises the cubs until they know how to do everyday thing like find shelter and find food.
Only 5% of cheetah cubs make it to adult hood
Did you know that cheetahs can't roar but can purr
Did you know cheetahs can survive 4-10 days without water
Did you know that cheetahs can communicate by purrs bleats barks growls hisses and high pitched chirping
The irukandji jellyfish is 2.5cm in diameter and 2.5 cm long
An irukandji jelly fish is only 1lb and has only 4 tentacles
An irukandji jellyfish is very small and is transparent in the shores of Australia
An irukanji jellyfish lives in the shores of Australia
The Australian government is worried that the irukanji jelly fish are going to move south to queens land and sting many people in queens land
The deepest the irukandji jellyfish is 30m but it should be only 10-20m from surface
The irukandji jellyfish eats eggs smaller fish and zoo plankton

The irukandji jellyfish has special tentacles to warm the jellyfish to climate change
The tentacles are also for bring food to the mouth
Jellyfish hatch from eggs and never die of old age
The parents leave the developing eggs and let them grow alone
Some people eat jellyfish
Jellyfish have no brains but have eyes
A group of jellyfish is called a smack
Jellyfish are mostly made out of water and protien
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