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Team Building Strategies to Enhance your Lifeguard and Swim Instructor Staff

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Terese McAninch

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Team Building Strategies to Enhance your Lifeguard and Swim Instructor Staff

Terese McAninch, Butler University

Team Building Strategies to Enhance your Lifeguard and Swim Instructor Staff
The W's
Who is Terese and what is her program?

Why use incentive type programming?

What is the importance?

How and when should you use team building activities?

What are our goals for today?
Staff Incentives
Staff Rewards
Team Challenge
Your Turn
Idea Sharing Forum
Engage your staff
Motivate your staff to perform at high levels
Build camaraderie amongst staff members
Learn skills and materials effectively while having fun
Semester Challenge
Aquatics Dash
Lifeguard Competition
Relays - Sprint CPR

Janitor Judy
Hans Schneider
Ms. Sadie
(the body)
Susie the Girl Scout
Asst. Dir. of Recreation~ AQ
Butler University
18 years in Aquatics
NIRSA member
USMS member
2 year old son, Liam, keeps me moving constantly.
Seniority Points
Sub shifts
Permanent Shifts
Incentive programs
Attending original in-service
Filling out Guard Report
Negative points for missing and being late
Earn points back
Miscellaneous points throughout semester
Thank You!
Questions? Comments?
1000 yards vs. 2000 yards
Badge of Honor
Guard/Swim Instructor of the Month
Guard/Swim Instructor of the Year
Staff Appreciation Dinner
Shout-outs/recognition at monthly meetings
Hand Written Notes
Baked Goods from me

Team Building Time
Hear, Say, Do
-Stand Up
-Get in circle with elbows touching
-Hear, say, and do
Team Building Activities
Tie-Dye shirts
Games: Inner tube Water Polo, Battleship, Volleyball
Halloween costume contest at October in-services and during shift on Halloween
Synchro competition amongst staff
Staff outings: Summer cook-out at Terese’s house, Restaurants, ice cream shops, bowling, etc.
Swim Instructors play lesson games
Team building exercises
Resources for Team Building Activities
www.training-wheels.com -membership
Google: Team building and ice breakers
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