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Group George

Presentation (New Zealand)

aaron furman

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Group George

Presented By:
Collin Group #1:
Team George Combining Hospitality
Tourism Solar Globe Resort Inc. New Zealand's Political
System S.W.0.T. Our Mission Statement:
“Leading the industry in towards sustainability while maintaining unsurpassed hospitality.” Tourism Overview
Culture New Zealand has been ranked as one of the most stable and well-governed nations in the world. It was ranked 5th for its strength in democratic institutions and 1st for its government transparency and lack of corruption in 2011. Presented By:
Colin Economic Environment of
New Zealand and Tourism Group's Overview
of the project
New Zealand's Culture Political & Legal
Environments of
Auckland, New Zealand Hotel Solar Globe
Auckland Summation
Q&A Business in New Zealand:
Safe and Secure
Economy Is strong (3rd best for starting up a business)
1984 economy change (protectionism to a free trade)
Permits are easier to obtain
Average Salaries: $33,910.00
Standard of living is high
Protocol: being late is unacceptable New Zealand’s political system is considered a constitutional monarchy with a
parliamentary democracy. Various councils administer local areas under legislation determined by the central government. In 1989, the government reorganized local government into the current two-tier structure of regional councils and territorial authorities.
Political Parties of New Zealand:
ACT New Zealand
Green Party
Mana Party
Maori Party
New Zealand National Party
New Zealand First Party or NZ First New Zealand Labor Party
Jim Anderton's Progressive Party United Future New Zealand Going Green
Location New Concept to industry
Possibly too much going on
Expensive to start up SKYCITY within 1 kmRenewable energy will not be enoughToo expensive for guestsMaintenance on renewable energy Only green hotel in AucklandGreen
Clean Lower overhead brings better entertainment to the clientele Growing
hub World "BETA" City Multinational Corps. Events & Conventions Students Youth Tourism GREEN Market Analysis Tourism plays a significant role in the New Zealand economy & New Zealand's growth due to tourism directly contributes to its GDP 1990's tourism accounted for 3.3% GDP ($6.2 Billion)
2010: Increase of Tourism accounting for 9% ($15 billion) of total GDP
In 2012 total tourism expenditure $23.4 billion New Zealand is Green
adventurous For Everyone Some of New Zealand's most frequently visited tourist attractions include: Tongariro Crossing The tourism industry directly employed 119,800 full-time equivalents (FTEs)

Growth has created jobs in the service industry sector Q & A TIME THANK YOU FROM US AT: Auckland is the LARGEST city in New Zealand,
boasting a population of 1.4 million new Zealanders (31% of the overall population on the island.
91.2% English Speaking
European in Descent
Focused on renewable energy Economic Environment: New Zealand's Economy has seen dramatic ups and downs
Small Island Country
Historically New Zealand relied upon extractive Industries
Technological improvements 1950s - 1960s: Higher Standards of Living (agriculture)
1970s: Deep Recession for New Zealand: UK joining the EU community
1973: Oil Embargo
1979: Energy Crisis
1984: New Zealand Undergoes Economic Transformation "Brain Drains" to "Brain Gains"
Labor Force Transformation
Ranked 5th on HDI
2005: Most Business Friendly Country on the Globe
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