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Soren Schmidt

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of science

The Danger of Botulism Bacteria There are three ways you can get botulism poisoning. food borne-eating infected food infant-most likely eating infected unpasteurized honey wound-a deep cut gets infected Effects Botulism kills by paralysis. It blocks the electrical impulses from your brain. The breathing muscles stop, causing suffocation. By Soren Schmidt Symptoms If someone has these symptoms, get them to the hospital immediately.
symptoms will appear within 36 hours weak face muscles
abdominal pain
blurred/double vision
slurred speech
difficulty breathing/swallowing loss of head control
excessive drooling infants will have all other symptoms plus Treatment If someone is suffering from major symptoms call EMS immediately
use CPR
induce vomiting
doctors will give anti-toxins and
breathing tube
95-97% of people survive with therapy Prevention Stopping botulism is a simple task if you take the time to do things correctly use perfect technique when home canning food
do not give unpasteurized honey to infants
boil all food from soil
put bacteria-killing medicine on deep wounds and keep cut clean Statistics 140 cases each year
outbreaks of 2-10 people each year
botulism is rare because it is not contagious and only infects through food or wounds. can only affect the people who eat the can of contaminated food. Extra Botulism is the deadliest poison known to man. Only 1 pound could kill every person on this planet. Yet Botox can be used for cosmetic uses such as removing wrinkles
overactive bladder
migraine headache
excessive underarm sweat
eye disorder
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