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No description

Joshua Oliver

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of CARS

He was an inventor that made the first car from France
He was born on Sep.25 1725 and died on Oct.2 1804
The car was steam-powered and eery 10. to 15 mins. it would have refill steam
Only went up to 2 mph.
Nicalos Joseph Cugnot
The Car
The car was made for transportation
That how it was used today and that is how it was used back then when it was first invented.
The car had good things about it and bad things.
The good things were the people got to their destination faster
The bad things were the gas polluting the air.
Science Technology Engineering Math
Karl Benz
He was a German engine designer
On May 14, 1886 he made the first motor automobile
Later on he made the very famous Motor company Mercedes-Benz

On Jun. 4 1936 Mercedes-Benz made the first 4 passenger eer
It also was the first car to use Diesel
Henry Ford
On July 19 1903 Henry made his own motor company
Within the first year it sold over1,200 cars

He mainly sold his most famous car which was the first Model T car called the ''Tin Lizzie''
More Cars
On Jun. 4 1938 Volkswagon started to make the Beetle in Germany

On mar. 281948 the first all- Australian car was made it was called the Holden 48-215 also known as FX

Finally the Bugati got produced in 2005 it is also known as the fastest car
To build the
car they
needed to find
the engine, gas
and the metal
The up-to date
Engines to work
with the car and
To put all of the
materials toget-
her to design
something that
the size of the
car along with
the speed
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