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Powering Your Agile Project

A presentation for the Australian Computer Society Agile Special Interest Group, April 2015

Mary-Anne Cosgrove

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Powering Your Agile Project

Powering your Agile Project
Summing up...
Write a

Write a
unit test

Make the
test pass

Does your scenario pass?
Mary-Anne Cosgrove
with Cucumber and Ruby
Now tell me
a bit about yourself
Behaviour Driven Development
Test Driven

Lessons learned from Envato, ThoughtWorks, Suncorp and NBN Co
A scenario
The scenario passes!
But how does it work?
The process
is important!
Cross Functional Teams
Now we make it fail...
Our Mission...
Update the ATO Tax Calculator
BDD is a powerful process for driving agile projects, especially when scenarios are written together as a team

Cucumber, Ruby, Capybara and RSpec are invaluable tools for supporting that process

Cucumber can be used with any web project

RSpec can be used on any Java or Ruby project
Lines in the Feature are matched to Steps
Capybara interfaces with the page
Tags affect how the scenario operates
- Run in a browser

- Work In Progress

define your own
Tables express tests succinctly
...also Scenario Outlines
exploring the feature together
RSpec turns your unit tests into documentation
Step Reuse
RSpec makes it really easy to isolate your tests
Try writing your Unit Tests in RSpec
You can use RSpec on Java projects via JRuby which runs on your JVM
RSpec is a domain specific language
The Feature says...
The Steps say...
The Feature says...
The Steps say...
The Step says...
The Helper says...
High coverage is a safety net

Refactoring keeps your code supple

The tests are technical documentation

The cycle drives your
development cadence
Cucumber in a Nutshell
Most powerful when written together by a cross-functional team

Reads like English

A roadmap for your new feature

An accurate gauge of progress
Focus on the main happy path scenarios
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