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Danielle Kistler's Career Portfolio

Information about me :)

Danielle Kistler

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Danielle Kistler's Career Portfolio

Career Portfolio Danielle Kistler's Dynamic Natural Abilities Preparing For An Interview Resume Top Three Careers Biography Wegmans Before: Shower, do your hair and make up, dress as
nice as possible, know the job information, brush
your teeth, smell good, and have a resume 1. Occupational Therapist
2. Special Education Teacher
Greece Arcadia High School
Graduation June, 2013
120 Island Cottage Rd. Rochester NY 14612
Related Courses: AP Statistics, AP Biology,
Strategies for Success, Spanish, GPA: 90.913

Mt. Read Wegmans
August 2012-Present
3701 Mt Read Rochester NY, 14616
Cashier, Demo Team My full name is Danielle Linn Kistler. I was born
on November 15th 1995 in Rochester NY and I am
17 years old. My mom's name is Linda Kistler, and I
am the second child. My 20 year old brother's name
is Dean. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I am
graduating highschool in 2013, and am a member
of The University at Buffalo class of 2017. I am
majoring in Occupational Therapy, and hope
to own my own theraputic practice
Place of Employment: Wegmans

Location: 3701 Mount Read Boulevard
Rochester, NY 1416

Job Title: Front End Cashier

Starting Date: August 2011 Wegmans Job Description •Providing incredible customer service by engaging customers in conversation using effective communication skills such as direct eye contact and a smile to build a rapport based on trust and satisfaction Skills That Are Necessary -Communication skills
-Writing Skills
-Team Player
-Leadership Skills
-Patience -Communication
-Creative OT Job Outlook Occupational therapists treat patients with injuries,
illnesses, or disabilities through the therapeutic use
of everyday activities. They help these patients
develop, recover, and improve the skills
needed for daily living and working. During: Be polite and proper, stand tall, be confident
without being too confident, be respectful After: Shake their hand and thank them for taking
the time to interview you, tell them that you hope
to see them soon
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