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The Moon Dog

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of The Moon Dog

The Moon Dog
Once there was a dog named Laika.Laika was Galileo Galilei's dog.Galileo and Laika lived in a small house in a tiny city.Their life was normal until Galileo saw a mailman standing next to their mailbox.
When Galileo saw the mailman standing next to his mailbox he ran out of his house right away, because he was waiting for his tool to come for his special project. But when he
When he came back home he read that letter.The letter was talking about wanting someone to go to the moon.Galileo wasn't interested in going to the moon so he threw the letter it out. Laika was wondering what the letter was about.So she took out the letter from the trash and read it.Laika always wanted to go to the moon so she went to her room and she secretly wrote a letter saying that he wanted to go to the moon.
About one month later Laika
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