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Fingerprint Prezi

A powerpoint of fingerprints

Callarity Lee

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Fingerprint Prezi

The History Of Finger Prints
My Fingerprint
By CamrynW.

Fun Fingerprint Facts
What do we use fingerprints for?
To determine the suspect of the the crime.
To see if the person that you are hiring for a job committed a crime.
To gain access to security systems and even home computers!
What are Fingerprints?
A unique pattern that every person has on the rig of their finger!
2% Oil 98% Water
The End
Any Questions
What are Fingerprints? p.3
The history of Fingerprints p.4
The 3 main types of Fingerprints!? p.5
What do we use Fingerprints for? p.6
Fun Fingerprint Facts p.7
The Awesome Ending (Any Questions?!)
The main 3 types of Fingerprints!?
3rd Century B.C. - Thumbprints begin to be used on clay seals in China to “sign” documents.
1880 Dr. Henry Faulds made the first fingerprint identification.
1888 Sir Francis Galton, was the first person to show scientific evidence that no two fingerprints are the same!
1903 Fingerprint technology spreads to the United States.
Did you know that every where you go, you leave fingerprints?
Did you know when you cut the skin of your fingerprint, it leaves a scar. Scars become part of the unique pattern of a fingerprint and can be used to identify individuals.
Fingerprint Files
There are many other fingerprint patterns like the double loop and ulnar loop.
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