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[InfoComm] BYOT - From Distraction 2 Reaction

No description

Carl Hooker

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of [InfoComm] BYOT - From Distraction 2 Reaction

Reaction! Allowing mobile devices
in school Won't they cheat? Other Questions
to Consider: Social Status? Equity? Filters? Perception
in Local Media "We don't need more
distractions in school." "Why do we need to hear every student's voice?" Instructional Uses Age? by an American Teen 32 Text messages
per month 65+ "App Gap" 22% 59% Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Titan Pad Puppet Pals Sock Puppets What ages do you
think BYOT should start? In the coming months, the vast
potential of these devices for learning
will begin to outweigh concerns
about misuse that currently dominate
most conversations about their use in
school settings.
2011 Horizon Report K-12 Collaboration
& Creativity In centers Click here for References:
http://goo.gl/pll9O 2013 Time to adoption 1 year or less
Cloud Computing
Mobile Learning
Online Learning People expect anytime/anywhere access
for working, learning, and studying The perceived value of
creativity and innovation
is increasing in the workplace. The abundance of resources
on the internet make it more
challenging for us to function
in the role of educator as we know it. The support of technologies
are becoming more
cloud-based than
server-based. Current technology practices in schools
do not support the demand for personalized learning Learning outside the
walls of school Digital Literacy What about policy? Formal Assessment Web-based is key Research Limited number
of devices? Organization
& Communication Special Thanks to Margie Brown
@mbrowneisd for research and
collaboration on the original 2012 TCEA version of this presentation. Carl Hooker
Director of Instructional Technology
Eanes ISD - Austin, TX
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