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David Walker's Appeal

No description

Ot'Lantis Adedeji

on 1 October 2010

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Transcript of David Walker's Appeal

APPEAL ... WHO David Walker was
born in Wilmington, North Carolina
to a slave father and a free mother. the WHAT

The "Appeal" models itself
from the U.S.Constitution.
It contains a preamble and articles. the Where and When...

Early 1800's in the South
The HOW...

The Appeal was constructed in such
a way that it lit up the souls of the freed
and enslaved. Sean Wilentz mentions
how Walker specifically chose model
Thomas Jefferson & his Constitution.
This to be discussed in more detail.

Also, Walker mentioned the economic
& social benefits whites made off
of the backs of blacks.
(Preamble & Art. IV) while reading the Appeal, one can sense
the Biblical implications. He makes references to the Jews who were slaves in Egypt. As Christians, slavery in any form is a volatile manifestation of the selfish desires of man to control each other, yet proclaiming peace in the name of God. Under the basic principles of Christianity, one cannot treat their brethren so harshly & spread the Word of the Holy Bible that is to love our brethren, not degrade them The A.M.E.

Walker inspired and was inspired by the African Methodist Episcopal. The A.M.E was founded on the "rejection of the theological interpretations which rendered persons of African descent second class citizens."( A.M.E official website) Analysis by Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

Accorging to Dr. Asante, in his article titled
"The Ideology of Racial Hiearchy and the Construction of the European Slave Trade"
" No such slave societies were created on the continent and certainly no such societies where foreign labor was imported for the purpose of enslavement and hence, production. Africans had no global interest in the movement of African people and saw in the `trade" no advantage of a strategic nature." Basically this means that there is no record, either through documentation or folklore or oral tradition, that Africans participated in the importation of slaves from other countries. This also means that Africans did not enforce these horrific atrocities upon each other, despite what some would say. He goes on mention how blacks are
"chattel." The Why..
Why did David Walker make such an appeal?
Being that Walker was a Christian, the scriptures
in the Holy Bible motivated his writings and him
as a person. This is important for why he wrote
what he did. There were many insituitions
that fed him spiritually as well as intellectually. Jeremiad
The feel of this excerpt is that all of the current events, i.e. slavery, will
lead to society's downfall. As history states, slavery is abolished. Other jeremiads, like Venture Smith or even
Frederick Douglass. Though
they denounced violence, they knew that
slavery was so intertwined with society
that voilence was emminent. How to get
to that point varied from person to person.
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