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The different type of jokes and how there created

Bob Billy

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Jokes

Double click anywhere & add an idea JOKES:
The Forms it Can Take and How To Do Them Jokes come in verbal and physical Forms Verbal Physical Pranks are the classic type of physical of jokes, they can be harmful or very funny. This may be taking it a little far Placeing a cup upside down with
water in it is a perfect physical joke.

To do this simply take a cup of water.
place a piece of paper or some other item under the cup keep the water in it. You will lose some of the water but the point is to place it on the table and slide the paper from under it. Or as you friend drinks his coke through a mento
in there when he is not looking. Then watch the show.

Physical jokes or if you would rather say pranks, are up to.
Whether it is on your friend.
OR Someone you don't know.

Like ringing a door bell then running away
and doing the the exact same thing to
several different doors around a block. If your a very big fan of the physical side of jokes.
There are an uncountable number on the internet .
Me I am a fan of verbal jokes The Verbal Side The Physical Side This is the one I personally favor. Once again you can go to far
with this, by making racist or religious jokes which I consider unacceptable,
will only emotionally hurt people. Making fun of religion or race is something
you should not be doing, so don'tdo it. If you can not see the bright side of life,
then polish the dull side.

This joke is a appropriate verbal joke.
There are very many different types of jokes
Cartoon, knock knock , story jokes, pun jokes
Cartoon jokes you need to draw the
cartoon then add words to show them talking
or the joke is within the drawing. Picture of me Here is your example where they say
the pun. Then, knock knock jokes To do this say knock knock
then if the person has not been living
under a rock they will say whos there,
then come up pun that create a saying or twist of
words Knock Knock
Who's there
Boo who
Aw don't cry Example: Of course, theres your good old pun jokes
Where you ask a question. Then when
they don't anwser, you do
Don't even, and just say the joke.
Example: Example: When everything is coming
your way Your in the wrong lane What is the difference between an
elephant and a dozen eggs.(They don't have an answer).
Don't know, then would I would not
send you to get a dozen eggs You don't need to watch the whole thing just an example of verbal
comedy. For Last giggles
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