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Colonial Comparison

No description

Doris Serrato

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Comparison

Lifestyle :) Farming, no matter where you went, they farmed. Small farming, grain farming, or large plantation farming, but they all did farming. Craftsmen, Boatbuilding, Whaling, Lumber Mining, Cash crops, Livestock, Trading Famous Individuals Martin Luther (North): Shaped religious life of the Northern colonies. William Penn (Middle): Settled Pennsylvania for all types of religions. James Oglethorpe (South): Founded Georgia as a refugee for debtors. It is interesting how when compared you notice that both the north and the middle were founded for religious purpose, while the south was focused on money. climate(: between the 3 different colonies, they differ in which they are either very fertile or not at all.. though they all had one thing in common, they were hilly and rocky. Religon (: there were three main religons in the colonial times puritians, catholics, and the quakers Tabacco, rice, and indigo(: Tobacco, Rice, Indigo Government Royal Charter (Middle) Mayflower Compact (North) House of Burgesses Even though many aspects, when compared, are different one can see that no matter where in the colonies you went they all had some sort of government and rules. Comparing the different regions of the 13 colonies :) unexpected fact
The women in the colonies played a big role in that they were the main reason for why the colonies were so organized and why they were managed as well as they were. south
they let their women have jobs and yet they still had to keep up with the house hold and take care of the children.they were also allowed to help manage plantations and look among the slaves. middle
they had large families and they would tend to the gardens livestock and provided food for the families. they were much like the south in that they were all needed to watch over the children and to take care of the house work. the north was much like the middle where they had to manage the house hold and the children however they spun wool flax into thread for clothing preserved food for the winter. they also made their own cheese and butter. they handled the first aide and the candles and soap making. they were the heart and soul of the house hold when it came to surviving . Overall Interesting ! (From the woman's point of view)
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